Former Dancing with the Stars contestant blames Donald Trump for elimination

Kate Flannery from Dancing with the Stars
Kate Flannery from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ©

In Dancing with the Stars Season 28, Kate Flannery competed on the show and recently spoke about the experience.

Kate said that she felt it was hard and compared it to a “firing squad” every week.

However, this is added to another comment where she blamed the previous President of the United States for her elimination.

Kate Flannery talks about her DWTS experience

Kate Flannery was in Season 28 and partnered with Pasha Pashkov for her experience.

In a recent podcast appearance on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, she said she had a nerve-wracking experience on the show.

She said that every week she went out and danced and waited for the judges’ responses and fan votes; it was like facing a “firing squad.”

“That’s how it felt,” Kate said. “It was nuts. It was exciting, and it was, like, some weeks were triumphant.”

She said she made it further than she thought she would, but she also felt that she should have made it one week further.

“I was the oldest person for most of the show,” Kate said. “And then I got most of the tour. I was 55; that’s pretty old. All the other women were in their 20s.”

Kate Flannery feels she was ‘robbed’ of Dancing with the Stars success

However, in her last week on the show, Kate was in the bottom two with Sean Spicer.

“If he has the votes, that’s the way it works,” Kate said after her elimination. “That’s how it goes. I wish it was just a dance show because I think for me, the process was so fantastic and magical and amazing, and I can’t even believe my body got to do some of these things.”

She mentioned why she thought Sean beat her that week in the podcast episode.

Spicer was the former White House Secretary to President Donald Trump. That, Kate felt, swayed the votes against her.

While most felt Kate was the better dancer of the two, Trump was telling people to vote for Sean on social media.

“I had another weird, like, I don’t even know if we should talk about this, but my season, Sean Spicer was on, and, literally, the former president was tweeting for people to vote for Sean,” she said. “So that’s why I should’ve been on for at least one more episode.”

She added it was strange that the acting U.S. President was influencing the voting on a reality TV show.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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