Former Basketball Wives star Sundy Carter takes aim at Amber Rose

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Sundy Carter tore into Amber Rose over Philly comments

It’s been nearly a year since Amber Rose made some very unpopular comments about the way people look in her hometown. While Muva is still trying to clear her name, it looks like an old Basketball Wives LA star just won’t let it go.

It all started just days ago when Amber took to Instagram stories and literally dissected each rumor about her. As she worked down the list, Amber came upon that quote from last year where she talked about women in Philadelphia.

It’s the same quote that set off Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, causing a feud between the two women. Now, count Sundy Carter on the list of Philly women who aren’t happy about Amber’s comments.

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“I’m just going to address every rumor about me,” Amber wrote before addressing all the rumors. “Not like I really give a f*** to explain s*** but it gets really annoying and also affects my real life.”

Amber Rose then started to explain what was going on with her ex-boyfriend 21 Savage, whom she recently professed her love to on Instagram despite not being together. She denied rumors that she cheated with Lil Pump. She also refuted claims that she was trying to get back together with Wiz Khalifa. Then, Amber took on the drama over her comments about people in Philadelphia.

“I never said the girls in Philly are ugly. I would never call anyone ugly I’m just not that type of person,” Amber wrote.  “I was simply speaking of how I was treated in my own neighborhood.”

Sundy Carter, who is also from Philadephia, saw Amber Rose’s Instagram story and it clearly struck a chord. She also took to Instagram and blasted Amber, calling her out for what she said and what she said it meant.

“For you to one second not give a f*** and the next you’re explaining the reason behind the statement in quotations is a contradiction,” Sundy wrote.

“I’m a Philly native and took offense to what you ORIGINALLY said. ‘Traditionally’ means typically and being that your words don’t match what you preach as far as women empowerment, encouraging young girls to wear what they choose yet demand respect and all of the other bull-s*** you say screams a lot about your insecurities as well as character!”

Sundy had a bit more to say than that. The gist of it all came when she wrote, “US PHILLY women ain’t trying to hear this bull-s***.”

Amber Rose’s original quote came about during a June 2017  appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. She said, “I don’t know how I could say this without sounding f***ed up, but a lot of the people where I’m from aren’t traditionally attractive people.”

Ever since, Amber Rose has been apologizing and trying to explain herself. It seems that many Philadelphia natives were offended by what she had to say — whether she meant it that way or not.

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