Flo breaks down Casa Amor controversy with Will on Love Island USA

Josh, Will, and Flo at Casa Amor on Love Island USA
Josh, Will, and Flo at Casa Amor on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The biggest controversy heading into Love Island USA’s finale is Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama‘s relationship.

While the two seem very happy together and have said all the right things, it is clear that Kyra is still thinking about Casa Amor.

That was when Will decided to test his love for Kyra by getting to know another girl named Florence Mueller. The two kissed more than once and then Will decided his bond with Kyra was stronger and kept his original coupling.

However, other Islanders like Olivia Kaiser, Shannon St. Clair, and Trina Njoroge had more trouble letting it go than Kyra did. When Will told Kyra the truth and apologized, she accepted it.

Kyra’s friends (and her competition for the final money prize) kept pushing her to hold the grudge and make Will pay for his misdeeds.

Now, Flo is talking about Casa Amor and giving her side of her bonding with Will.

Flo explains what happened at Casa Amor

Flo said she was disappointed because she came into Casa Amor wanting to win over Javonny Vega or Wes Ogsbury, and they were both eliminated right before Casa Amor.

She is one of many girls who admitted that Javonny was the biggest target for the Casa Amor girls.

When her first two choices were gone, she turned her sights on Will, who she said was her third choice.

“I figured I would go for Will and like follow my heart,” Flo said. “I grabbed him for a chat, and that chat was great. That chat led to another chat and we were getting along so good. It just felt so natural, you know?”

She said they could relate a lot because they are both models and they both speak Spanish.

Flo said it put her in a tough spot because Will was already in a relationship. If she had tried to give any other guy attention, Will would not think she was serious and she would lose her chance with him.

“He knew Kyra for two weeks and he knew me for four days,” Flo said. “It was a very tough decision to make, and I honestly, in the back of my mind knew he might pick her, and I was okay with that.”

Flo reveals Love Island USA made creative edits of the controversy

Flo said there was a lot that fans didn’t see on the Love Island USA TV show.

She said that she refused to sleep in Will’s bed unless he said he wanted her to and he finally said he wanted her to sleep in the bed with him.

“We kissed each other, but that’s Love Island,” Flo said. “Nobody can get really mad at that because that’s what the show is about.”

Flo also complimented the fact that Will was honest with Kyra about them kissing, but she said that they kept it rated PG the entire time in Casa Amor.

She also said that they did not sleep in the same bed on the last night because she had a feeling he was going to choose Kyra.

Flo also said that Love Island USA didn’t show the moment that Flo ran up and hugged Kyra and told her that she had a great guy and was so lucky to have him. She said it confused Kyra, who had no idea what was going on.

“When he picked her, I was genuinely very happy to see them together,” Flo said. “The way they kissed, it warmed my heart and I think that moment is when I felt that, like, that’s so sweet.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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