Farrah suffered no abuse claims her mom Debra on Teen Mom OG special

Teen Mom OG
Debra with her fiancé on Teen Mom OG

In this second part of the Teen Mom OG Finale Special, Catelynn talks about Butch’s slip back into bad ways and Farrah talks about her mom’s better half.

Farrah is not shy about telling everyone what she thinks about her mother Debra’s fiancé, but Debra has a very different take on things.

She tells Dr. Phil that there was no real trauma in Farrah’s past life as such. She says there was no abuse and that Farrah’s childhood was very priveledged, living in a million dollar home. Debra goes on to say that everyone has things that happen to them in their life but that it is your mental state that determines how you deal with them.

Quite a different story from the multiple cases of abuse and trauma that Farrah has previously described on the show.

Who is telling the truth? Maybe this pair should take some lie detector tests like Matt did…

The Teen Mom OG Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew – Part Two airs at 9:01 PM on MTV.