Farrah Abraham speaks out for the first time since going to the trauma treatment center

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham gets out of her treatment center. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham has been out of the social media world for a while now, as she has been at a trauma treatment center to deal with the aftermath of her sexual assault.

After she left Teen Mom OG and had controversy with producers of the show, she made a quick reappearance on the Teen Mom Family Reunion spinoff.

However, her stint was very short-lived after her altercation with Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd. While she sat down with Amber Portwood and Dr. Bryant for a therapy session, Farrah ultimately decided to leave the show not too long after she surprised everyone with her entrance.

Farrah Abraham makes a video after getting out of treatment

As Farrah re-emerged on her Instagram account, she made a short video to tell her fans how the facility was and how much better she is doing now. However, fans criticized her during her time at the treatment center for not giving up social media entirely.

Farrah looked relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy as she relayed to viewers how being in the treatment center during the anniversary of her sexual assault was good for her.

She even captioned her video, “Happy to be back and celebrate with my one year recap anniversary of my first year of recovery from my sexual assault share my blog with others who may benefit from the resources at happy #sexualassaultawarenessmonth #oneyearanniversary.”

Farrah included more hashtags relating to her assault, therapy, being a survivor of trauma, and healing.

What did Farrah have to say to her fans about her treatment center for trauma?

She started her video saying how good it was to be back and even stated, “I am ecstatic. I have had the best time of my life at the trauma treatment center, and I have to say, I hope everyone gets to work on themselves, um, get trauma work… It is essential for us to function in our very hectic lives, very traumatic environments.”

Farrah said how grateful she was that she had the opportunity to go to the center and get the much-needed help and support she craved.

Because her sexual assault was what Farrah said really set her off into her downward spiral, she was thankful to be there during the time she would have been by herself for the one-year anniversary of the traumatic event.

Farrah went on to say that through her reflection, she is willing to share her resources and all of the health and treatment options she did to get her sanity back.

What is Farrah’s plan moving forward now?

She stated that she “is still working on herself for this next year with all of the recovery tools that she has.” Farrah also revealed that she feels as if she is starting to get back to normal, and doesn’t wish what happened to her on anyone.

She wants people to get help because it’s hard to get through traumatic events on your own, especially if you have disorders or disabilities, as Farrah stated she has.

Farrah ended her video by saying “Happy Sexual Health Awareness Month” and reminded her followers to share all of her resources with their loved ones and anyone they know who might be going through something similar.

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