Farrah Abraham arrested, jailed for Beverly Hills Hotel altercation

Farrah Abraham arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel for allegedly striking an employee
Farrah Abraham parties poolside in a snap the Teen Mom shared on Instagram

Just yesterday, Farrah Abraham was hanging out poolside with Shark Tank star Mark Cuban and actress Kate Neilson. Hours later, she was in handcuffs and headed for the LA County Jail. What happened to get Farrah arrested?

Farrah’s rep claims it was all a misunderstanding but she was cuffed for misdemeanor battery and trespassing after allegedly striking a member of the Beverly Hills Hotel staff. The Teen Mom OG alum was freed on bail on Wednesday afternoon and is scheduled to be in court to follow up on this arrest on Friday.

According to multiple reports, Farrah Abraham’s arrest came after she got involved in another argument that was happening at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The reality star is said to have appeared intoxicated according to the police report and was ultimately put out of the hotel after allegedly striking a security guard who was trying to break things up.

Farrah was caught on camera becoming belligerent to police officers who responded to the scene. As she sat on the curb outside of the hotel, Farrah began yelling at police.

In the recording obtained by TMZ, Farrah can be heard telling the officers, “Go f**k yourself!” before being hauled to jail.

As the recording progresses, Farrah can be heard arguing with officers about why she was being arrested. Initially, she refused to allow them to arrest her, arguing that she had done nothing wrong. When it was clear that she was, indeed, going to jail, Farrah can be heard breaking down into tears before the recording ended.

While it’s clear that the individual on video is Farrah, it never fully shows her face. It’s pretty obvious that whoever was recording the Farrah Abraham arrest was trying to do so without being too obvious.

Farrah’s publicist issued a statement to Us Weekly and attempted to downplay the shocking arrest. Elizabeth Lloyd said that the whole situation was, “blown out of proportion,” and explained that Farrah was at the hotel for a work meeting.

In Farrah’s statement, the former Teen Mom OG star denied that she had battered anyone or that she was trespassing. She was released from jail on Wednesday afternoon after posting $500 bail.

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