Farrah Abraham and mom Debra have hypnotherapy on Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham and mom Debra on a couch under hypnosis in a still from Teen Mom OG
Farrah Abraham, right, and mom Debra under hypnosis on Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielsen undergo hypnotherapy on this week’s Teen Mom OG in a bid to fix their broken relationship.

The pair’s feuds are currently taking center stage as they appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition.

On Teen Mom they visit “Hollywood Hipnotist” Kevin Stone, who is a specialist at using hypnotherapy to help people solve problems.

When he asks Farrah and Debra —  if you haven’t seen her music video, it’s worth a watch — if there’s anything “in particular” that he can help them with, Farrah immediately says: “Relationships!”

When he asks if they have some sort of relationship “strife” between them, Debra adds: “Strife is a good word.”

She then breaks down in tears as she says: “I just want my daughter and myself to have the best relationship possible.”

The pair are then put under hypnosis, as Stone gets them to breathe in and out deeply and relax as he tells them to listen to what he tells them.

He sahs: “I want you to visualize and imagine now that you’re inside your favorite movie theater and up on that movie screen is going to be you and your life, and some of the things that we’ve discussed in this room today.

“And on that same screen we’re going to make those changes. You’re going to watch that change happen right up on that screen.

“And when those changes happen, a smile will come on your face — a smile that will automatically be there because those changes are automatically taking place in your mind and in your physical bodies.”

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Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.