Exclusive: Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra talks about the new season, family, and her new man

Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra opened up on the new season, her new man, and the importance of financial stability. Pic credit: VH1

Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra accomplished something major but didn’t want to talk about it until she told the story of the single mother that got her there.

“I have come from the bottom. I always want people to know the background story, I never want people to think that I got it easy,” the Dominican-American singer explained.

Amara La Negra has become a staple to the Love & Hip Hop franchise based in colorful Miami. Returning for its fourth season, the show features heavy-hitting rap icons like Trina and Trick Daddy and continues to spark much-needed conversations needed in the Hip-Hop community.

Coming from a 17-year-old woman who left the Dominican Republic alone through the Mexican border, the Afro-Latina attributes her drive to her hardworking mother.

“We use to clean houses, sell flowers at stoplights,” Amara continued. “I’ve gone through everything, I was homeless at one point in life.”

However, today things are a little different. Showcasing just one of the skills she learned during the downtime of the pandemic, “I own nine investment properties in the Dominican Republic,” the 31-year-old finally revealed.

“If you really want to achieve something in life, anything is possible, as long as you’re willing to put in the work,” she continued.

“And I’ve been willing to put it in the work,” she added.

Monsters & Critics recently caught up with Amara La Negra over Zoom, and the Love & Hip Hop alum shared how her humble beginnings paved the way to her success.

Check out our full interview below:

Amara La Negra speaks on accomplishing a goal she set out as a child

Not only does this first-generation immigrant have several investments under her belt, but the Sabado Gigante alum achieved something she has been striving for since she was a little girl — and that’s buy her mom a house. Explaining that her mother would come home with harsh burns from her work as a cook, Amara promised that one day she would be able to take care of her mother.

“Now as an adult to be able to say that I actually accomplished all the things I promised her, it makes me feel very good to know that I’ve been the best daughter I can be to her,” Amara told Monsters & Critics in this exclusive interview.

“I love the fact that Love & Hip Hop also gives the opportunity of bringing my mom along because she is such a big and such an important part of my life,” the singer added. “Everything that I am today is thanks to her and I’ll never discredit her for all the efforts and all the hard work she had to do for me to be here today.”

However, things aren’t perfect and this time around as viewers will see how it play out on the reality TV series.

“We argue all the time, we have our ups and downs, and even now this season, you’ll see how we disagree because my mom’s not the biggest fan of my man,” she shared.

On the new season of Love & Hip Hop Miami

The coronavirus pandemic gave Amara a moment to catch her breath and she used this time to explore subjects outside of music. Financial literacy, generational wealth, and investments were all things that took up her time.

As for where Amara is now, “I’m a different place in life,” she declared. While she’s happy and in love now, she made sure to note that she wanted people to witness the journey “because it’s not as pretty and as cute as it looks on social media.”

She added, “This season I kind of put it out there and let the world see what really happens in my household.”

As for this chapter of Love & Hip Hop, Amara explains that fans can expect new cast members, drama, and relatable stories.

“This season the format has changed, I feel like it’s a little bit more polished, it’s different from what people are accustomed, you know, seeing. I think people are really going to like it,” she enthused.

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Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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