Exclusive Interview: Million Dollar Listing New York’s Tyler Whitman talks pandemic pricing, meeting with Ryan Serhant and the new season

Million Dollar Listing New York’s Tyler Whitman is back for a brand new season. Pic credit: Bravo

The luxury real estate agents of Million Dollar Listing New York are back and more creative than ever.

When we left the New York City real estate market in Season 8, it wasn’t so great. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic struck the world, with the Big Apple being one of the epicenters of the global crisis.

This season, viewers will witness the agents navigate selling multimillion dollars properties during the unprecedented lockdown. The arrival of the show’s first female agent is also set to rock the men of NYC.

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Monsters & Critics recently spoke Million Dollar Listing New York’s Tyler Whitman on pandemic pricing, meeting with veteran Ryan Serhant, and the brand new season.

Tyler Whitman talks real estate pricing during the pandemic

For Tyler, the time leading up to the pandemic actually felt more challenging when it came to making these lavish sales.

“The market in 2019 leading up to the pandemic, to me personally, was actually more challenging just around the kind of conversations we had to have,” Tyler explained. “Because the market in 2019 was not good. You know, it’s not like we were in some thriving market, and then coronavirus came in and ruined everything.”

When it came to the why behind the tough real estate market, Tyler explained, “It was hard to come up with a reason why it was happening, you know what I mean, the job market was good, the stock market was doing well. But for some reason, the New York City real estate was just not being absorbed.”

Before the pandemic, sellers were more prone to hold onto pricing that was appropriate years ago, hoping to be one of the “lucky ones” that sold for more.

The pandemic made these conversations with sellers easier and explained why they needed to price adjust to the current market. “Because of that, we were able to actually transact a lot more. We had a reason that the prices needed to be this way. A story that we could tell our sellers.”

Tyler talks meeting up with Ryan Serhant

Last season, Tyler was the new kid on the block and he learned a valuable lesson when losing a listing to MDLNY vet, Ryan Serhant.

Instead of being upset, Tyler made an appointment with Ryan to pick his brain and figure out what he did better to win over the sellers.

When speaking about the infamous moment, Tyler told Monsters & Critics, “Ryan knows this because now we’ve developed a friendship, but like, for the last 10 years of my career, he was a pedestal person for me. This is like, someone who hustled and built something for him.”

“And honestly, I had been dying to talk to him, and before that – we had never had a one-on-one conversation. So I had been dying to find a reason to go talk to him and ask him questions.”

Although he admits it can be a little uncomfortable to reach out to someone that you admire, it continues to keep paying off for him in the long run.

What can viewers expect from Season 9 of Million Dollar Listing New York?

Coming back for his sophomore year, he’s ready to continue to show New York what he’s made of.

After hitting his best year ever, Tyler’s got his routine down and is looking to make an even bigger splash this season.

“Last season, I really struggled with confidence,” Tyler told Monsters & Critics. “I was in a process of my life where I was building it, and honestly, getting to share that on the tv show was pretty life-changing for me. Not just in the fact that I’m on tv now, but getting to watch it back and being like, ok, like I’m on to something – but I need to work on that.”

Although he’s the same fun-loving, goofy guy, Tyler dished that the audience will “see someone who is much more assertive, much more confident.” He also mentioned that “I get a lot of big sales done this season.”

Million Dollar Listing New York airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo. 

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