Evelyn Lozada says Jackie Christie is ‘bigger monster’ than thought after reading daughter’s book

Evelyn Lozada talking to the camera on Basketball Wives
Evelyn Lozada talks about Jackie Christie and her daughter Takari Lee’s book on Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada says shocking claims made about Jackie Christie by her daughter in a tell-all book show Jackie is an even “bigger monster” than thought.

Tonight’s drama-filled season finale of Basketball Wives sees Evelyn and co-star Jennifer Williams read out segments from a manuscript of Takari Lee’s book, Lights to her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story, which is set to be released on August 31.

The passages include claims that Jackie would make her daughter drink vinegar and would take issue with “everything” about her. One section also talks about Takari penning her first suicide note when she was aged just 11.

Reading out parts of the book leaves Evelyn in tears. She says in a confessional: “I knew that reading this book was going to be heavy.

“But I can’t imagine what Takari went through, and it just confirmed to me that Jackie is a bigger monster than what we have seen.”

The season finale of Basketball Wives later sees Jackie and Evelyn confront each other face to face, while Jackie’s friendship with Shaunie O’Neal is also tested.

Evelyn and Jackie have had beef ever since Takari set up a gofundme page to help her son after he was severely injured in daycare last year, and Evelyn contributed several thousand dollars.

Jackie, who did not contribute to the page, later said that if Takari needed help all she would have had to have done was call.

Earlier this season on Basketball Wives, Evelyn and Jackie then had a huge fight after Jackie called Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece Hairson a “build-a-w***e”.

Last week Evelyn said the pair’s feud could “never” be resolved.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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