Evelyn Lozada lawsuit: Basketball Wives star suing former publicist for defamation

Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives
Evelyn Lozada talking to producers on Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada is taking her former publicist to court for defamation. The Basketball Wives star is claiming that after parting ways with Danika Berry, the publicist started giving her bad press. The problem is, Evelyn also says that the stories Danika was sharing were not true.

The Danika Berry lawsuit was filed on May 31, as first reported by The Blast. Evelyn’s complaint outlines claims made about her marriage to Chad Johnson that she denies even took place.

Listed among the claims in Evelyn’s complaint is a rumor that Danika allegedly started about the Basketball Wives star cheating on Chad while they were still married. As the story goes, Evelyn was supposedly creeping with a “prominent New Orleans music mogul”.

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According to a report from the YBF and the Twitter screenshots in it, it’s pretty clear that Chad believed Evelyn was sleeping with Birdman. He even appears to point out Danika Berry as the source of information.

Evelyn is upset about the cheating rumors and even more mad that they have been kept alive, having been published as fact back in February 2018. In response to the constant rehashing of rumors that she cheated, Evelyn reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Danika but claims that she kept spreading rumors anyway.

The kicker was when Danika Berry allegedly shared information with Tami Roman, claiming that Evelyn Lozada started the fight where she infamously was headbutted. That was the fight that ended in Evelyn and Chad’s divorce back in 2013.

Evelyn claims that Danika confided in Tami in hopes that her claims would make their way on to Basketball Wives. Clearly, Evelyn was notified which resulted in her filing the defamation suit against Danika Berry.

It’s not clear what kind of money Evelyn Lozada is looking for in her defamation suit against Danika. No monetary amount was made clear but what is clear is that Evelyn wants Danika to stop spreading alleged rumors about her immediately.

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