Evelyn Lozada apologizes to CeCe Gutierrez for Basketball Wives racial slur

Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives
Evelyn Lozada has apologized to CeCe Gutierrez for calling her out of her name on Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada faced a huge amount of backlash from Basketball Wives viewers after the most recent episode. During an argument with CeCe Gutierrez, she flung a racially-charged insult that some thought was way too much, even for Evelyn and now she’s apologized.

Things have not been looking good for Evelyn after the latest episode of Basketball Wives, with fans of the VH1 show so angry about her name calling that some even started a petition to get her booted from the show.

It all started during an argument in Amsterdam between CeCe and just about everyone else. She got called out for not speaking to Shaunie O’Neal when in reality, she was really just trying to avoid Evelyn.

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During the heated discussion, things got especially tense, when a frustrated CeCe called her Basketball Wives enemy “Evil-Lyn.” However, many believe that Evelyn’s response, calling CeCe “Lee Lee” instead of her actual name, was going way too far, with some calling the reality star a racist, among other things as seen below.

It turns out that Evelyn Lozada was cringing just as hard as Basketball Wives viewers when the fight played out on Sunday night. After fans of the show started questioning how Shaunie O’Neal and others could even allow her to be around while talking to her castmates like that, Evelyn took to Twitter and apologized.

So does that mean all is well with Evelyn Lozada? That depends on who you ask.

She claims that CeCe has forgiven her after an apology that took place weeks ago. However, CeCe did not acknowledge the apology on social media and instead, has posted that she has made true friends on this season of Basketball Wives. Those friends being Jackie and OG.

Basketball Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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