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Evelin and Corey’s friend Raul spotted partying with Laura Jallali amid 90 Day Fiance feud

Raul on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Did Raul switch sides in the 90 Day Fiance feud between Evelin and Corey and Laura? Pic credit: TLC

What in the world of two-faced friends is going on here? Just after Evelin and Corey threatened to press charges against Laura Jallali for telling their business, she was seen partying alongside their friend Raul.

Or maybe their former friend Raul?

With all the claims that Laura has made lately after her friendship with Evelin and Corey dissolved, it seems that anyone willing to befriend her at this point probably wouldn’t be welcome in their circle.

Laura parties with Raul and her friend
Laura shared photos of herself with Raul and her other friend. Pic credit: @tlc_laura_jallali/Instagram

There are also questions about why Raul would give Laura the time of day. After all, she outed him too with claims that his “affair” with Evelin on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way was scripted for drama.

That would explain why Raul and Corey remained friends after the first season of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff ended. While Corey claimed over the summer that he needed to speak to Raul face-to-face, the two weren’t coy about liking and commenting on each other’s social media posts the entire time.

But now, it seems that something has happened to cause Raul to defect to the other side. There were several photos and videos of Laura and Raul partying together on Sunday. Both Raul and Laura shared the photos, as well as her other friend, who goes by @chefandsurf on Instagram.

Now, Laura is urging her followers to follow Raul, calling him an “amazing guy.”

Laura has been hanging out with Raul from 90 Day Fiance
Laura has been hanging out with Raul. Pic credit: @tlc_laura_jallali/Instagram

So far, neither Corey nor Evelin have spoken out about Raul’s obvious friendship with Laura Jallali, but if they ever do, we definitely want to know what happened that sent Raul over to Laura’s side.

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