Evan Bass reveals new details about divorce from Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell & Evan Bass
Evan Bass finally speaks out about the divorce. Pic credit: @carlywad/Instagram; @theebass/Instagram

Much to the disappointment of Bachelor Nation fans, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass split almost two years ago, but Evan hasn’t talked much about their breakup since it happened.

With two children, Isabella and Charlie, the duo had to find a co-parenting rhythm since they ended their marriage.

Because Evan has three other children with his first wife, it was hard to manage the time co-parenting with two different women.

After so much time, Evan finally opened up about his divorce from Carly, what happened, and why he has kept silent for so long.

Evan Bass opens up about his marriage ending

During his appearance on the Talking it Out With Bachelor Nation podcast, with cohosts Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson, Evan revealed why he believes their marriage didn’t work.

Evan stated, “I just don’t think we set the foundation in the way that we should have.”

He went on to talk about how the six weeks he was in Paradise with Carly truly changed his life and put this bubble around him and Carly’s relationship and connection.

However, according to Evan, this ended up hindering them afterward. He claimed, “I think that when we got out of it, we weren’t able to set a proper foundation. Paradise gives you a kind of foundation that’s very – there’s nothing going on, right? You just have to work on your relationship.”

He also declared, “And you talk about real-life stuff and for me, it was very genuine, and I think when you get out, that transition, that’s probably where we missed it. Like communicating about values and just communication in general. Figuring out how to work through life. I have obviously other children that aren’t with Carly, and so, there was just a lot to work through.”

Evan talks about how hard the split still is for him

Evan told the cohosts and viewers that he didn’t talk about the divorce until now because he felt like he needed to take a step back from everything and just focus solely on his kids.

He also discussed his embarrassment after divorcing twice in life and how hard his split from Carly has been.

When speaking about the breakup, Evan relayed, “I’m not out of it. Like, it’s still emotional. It’s this deep sadness still. I don’t know if you ever just get completely, like, perfect. There’s the scars and the wounds – they heal, but they’re also there to teach you and teach me, and I’m trying my best.”

During the podcast, he also talked about how he tends to rush things when it comes to relationships and falling in love. In fact, Evan stated that he just loves love, which can be a problem.

When asked if Evan would ever do another show with the franchise, he at first said no before backtracking, “Of course, I would do it. I’m full of s**t.”

So maybe Bachelor Nation will see Evan in a future season of Bachelor in Paradise. Only time will tell. For the rest of the podcast episode with Evan, click here.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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