Erika Jayne called ‘shameless’ after RHOBH star is spotted boarding a private jet

Erika Jayne on the red carpet
Erika Jayne is on the receiving end of even more criticism after she’s spotted boarding a private jet. Pic credit: ©

Erika Jayne has told her fans before that it’s expensive to be her, and it seems that holds true even while embroiled in scandal as she divorces her husband of 20 years and fights back at claims that she was in on his alleged embezzlement of tens of millions of dollars.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s latest move that made her critics mad came on Friday after the Daily Mail shared photos of Erika Jayne as she made her way across an airport tarmac to board a private jet.

In the string of photos, Erika was dressed casually in a pair of white jeans, with a pink bomber jacket over another pink shirt that appeared to have flamingos on it. Staying true to her brand, Erika still managed to glam it up with a large (and expensive) Cartier ring.

It’s not clear where the controversial RHOBH star was going or who she might be with, but it looks like she was heading out as the Fourth of July weekend kicked off.

Was Erika Jayne with her RHOBH co-star?

It didn’t take long for this latest Erika Jayne story to make its way to Reddit, where angry Redditors took aim at the RHOBH star, who seems to be flashing her luxurious life in all of our faces amid accusations that she was involved in the alleged embezzlement scheme that derailed her estranged husband’s legal career.

Many believe that Erika should be living a bit more modestly considering the accusations waged against her. After all, many of her husband’s former clients are still owed millions of dollars and so far, she hasn’t said anything publicly about that issue.

Some questioned whether Erika might have boarded the plane with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar, Dorit Kemsley, and her husband PK. With a combined net worth of $50 million, they have the means to fly private.

Not only that, but a few commented on how there seems to be another blonde with Erika that was cropped out, making it hard to tell who it was. Could she have been a passenger on a flight with Dorit and PK?

Pic credit: r/BravoRealHousewives/Reddit

Critics take aim at Erika Jayne for continuing to live a life of luxury

Others didn’t care who Erika Jayne was flying with, they noticed that she was all dolled up for her trip, even accentuating her outfit with a huge Cartier ring. That caused one Redditor to call her out, saying, “Ew she’s wearing that Cartier ring!!! What a f**king shameless a**hole.”

Another agreed, saying, “‘Shameless a**hole’ says it all.”

Pic credit: r/BravoRealHousewives/Reddit

With more than 40 comments on the Reddit thread at the time of publication, what we did notice is that not one single person came to Erika’s defense. It seems that the court of reality TV fans has already decided that Erika, at the very least, should tone it down a bit.

After all, jumping on a private jet while accused of helping take and spend millions of dollars is not a good look and certainly won’t help Erika win over any new fans.

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