Emma Hernan on Selling Sunset: Everything to know about her net worth, ex-husband, vegan food company and more

Selling Sunset newbie Emma Hernan: Here's everything we know about her
Emma brought the drama on Selling Sunset Season 4 thanks to her beef with Christine. Pic credit: Netflix

Emma Hernan on Selling Sunset is one busy lady. Joining a reality TV show is just the latest in a long list of accomplishments Emma has had in her life.

The blonde beauty is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and all-around bada** businesswoman, who quickly blended in with ladies of The Oppenheim Group. Emma also has issues with one of them, Christine Quinn, thanks to their common ex.

There’s so much more to Emma than what Selling Sunset viewers saw play out onscreen. Let’s learn more about Emma, including her net worth, her ex-husband, and her vegan food company.

What is Emma Hernan on Selling Sunset’s net worth and who is her ex-husband?

Emma mentioned on Selling Sunset that she has been dabbling in the stock market as a teenager using money from modeling, babysitting, and other jobs. The stock market helped pique Emma’s interest in cryptocurrency and real estate, investing in startup businesses, and being an entrepreneur.

Thanks to all of Emma’s various business endeavors, she has earned a good living. At the age of 30, Emma has a nice net worth. It’s not as vast as, say, Jason Oppenheim’s net worth. However, the way Emma works, it won’t be long before she’s at his level.

Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million, according to online sources. Yes, the blonde bombshell’s fortune is nearly as much as her good friend Chrishell Stause’s.

There is a slew of drama on Selling Sunset Season 4 regarding Emma and Christine. They dated the same guy, with each of them claiming to be engaged to him.

Neither mentioned the man by name, but it was a pretty hot topic for the season.

These days Emma is single. Selling Sunset fans know Emma was engaged, but she never mentioned getting married on the show.

A look at Emma’s Instagram feed only confirms her single status. She has no photos, even going back to 2014, of her with a significant other.

If Emma did get married, she has wiped any signs of it off social media and out of her public life.

Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset vegan food company and other businesses

During the pandemic, Emma used her love of cooking to start a vegan food company, Emma Leigh & Co. It’s a plant-based frozen food company that’s best known for its various empanada flavors.

Emma partnered with Beyond Meat to create her business. The successful company has products in several large food stores, including Costco and Whole Foods. Some products can be purchased online too.

The entrepreneurial spirit is part of Emma. It’s one reason she considers herself an angel investor and invests in small, female-owned businesses she deeply believes in. Emma wants to show young girls that women can have their hands’ in many industries and be successful at every single one.

Selling Sunset starlet Emma Hernan may be new to the show, but she’s no stranger to real estate. Emma is a successful real estate agent and businesswoman who has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

What was your first impression of Emma?

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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