Elizabeth Potthast reveals ‘things you do not say to a pregnant woman’

Elizabeth Potthast
Elizabeth Potthast advised 90 Day Fiance fans on what not to say to a pregnant woman. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance alum Elizabeth Potthast is at the end of her rope with unnecessary comments about her pregnancy because she just made a video addressing them.

Elizabeth appeared in her bathroom and danced around as the answer to her disclaimer, “Things you -do not- say to a pregnant woman,” was introduced at the beginning of the video.

What followed were the answers, “Wow! You’re about to pop!, You sure you should be eating that?, You sure you’re not having twins?, Hope you are ready to not sleep?, You look miserable!” and, “Eating for two huh?.”

The video ended with Elizabeth advising people who want to say something to a pregnant woman. She declared, “Just tell her she’s beautiful and looks amazing.”

In the caption, she joked, “Did I miss any? ?❤️‍?⁣⁣.”

Elizbeth is currently pregnant with her second child with her 90 Day Fiance Moldovan husband, Andrei Castravet, and they are having a boy.

Elizabeth Potthast wants to launch a career as a singer

During the premiere episode of Season 7 of Happily Ever After? when Elizabeth and Andrei gave Elizabeth’s dad Chuck a tour of their new house, Andrei revealed that Elizabeth wanted to become a singer.

He announced that one of their spare bedrooms had plans to become Elizabeth’s studio, a notion that made her dad question how Elizabeth would make time for her obligations in their family house flipping business.

In any case, Elizabeth told her mom and sisters, Jenn Potthast and Becky Lichtwerch, about her singing career plans, and they thought the idea was whimsical.

Furthermore, at Elizabeth and Andrei’s housewarming party, Elizabeth refused to sing when prompted by a party guest who was a professional singer. Also, at that party, Elizabeth said she wanted to professionally sing nursery rhymes which were met with scoffs from her guest and Jenn.

Elizabeth Potthast’s siblings and Andrei Castravet are agreeing about one thing

Elizabeth’s siblings and Andrei notoriously have not gotten along, but they did agree on one thing during the housewarming party.

They all agreed that Elizabeth Potthast’s brother’s drinking was a problem, and they pit themselves against Elizabeth’s mom Pamela whom they thought was in denial about Charlie’s drinking.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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