Eliminated American Idol contestant calls the show a ‘traumatic’ experience

Cameron Whitcomb on American Idol
Cameron Whitcomb on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

This season of American Idol has some amazing singers across the board.

However, one thing that the judges have been working on is getting the contestants to understand there are areas holding them back.

One contestant that was eliminated last week didn’t listen to the advice until his last performance. By that time, it was too late, and the fans sent him home.

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Now, Cameron Whitcomb has called American Idol a “traumatic experience.”

Cameron Whitcomb calls American Idol a ‘traumatic experience’

Fans will never forget Cameron Whitcomb, 19, as the over-enthusiastic singer who moved around the stage non-stop and often ended every performance with a backflip.

Those were two things that the judges wanted him to hold back on. The more he moved around, the less control he had over his vocals.

Even mentor Bebe Rexha tried to help him find a way to remain still, and he ignored every bit of advice she gave him.

Once he was eliminated, Cameron said American Idol fans hadn’t seen the last of him.

Now, he is speaking out about his American Idol experience.

“I wasn’t sad about, like, not making it through…,” Cameron told CBC News. “What really hurt was the fact that I might not see my friends again like that for a while.”

He then said that performing on the show was hard.

“It’s a traumatic experience…,” Cameron said. “Like, make yourself look like an idiot on international television and come out on top.”

It is unclear what he meant by looking like an idiot. In his last episode, he mentioned his friend got an American Idol tattoo on his butt, and he would get one as well if he made the top 10.

However, for the judges, his over-exuberant stage presence hurt him.

Cameron Whitcomb’s American Idol journey

Cameron Whitcomb was an instant sensation when he came out and was going a million miles a minute. When he did a backflip, it made him unforgettable.

However, Cameron then did a backflip during every performance, and it got old quick.

When he worked with Bebe Rexha in Hawaii, she told him to hold the mic stand for the first part of his performance so he could show off his vocals in full, and then he could lose it and kick things up in the second part of the song.

He responded by throwing the mic stand away when the song started, and Bebe shockingly said he didn’t listen to any of her advice.

It wasn’t until his final performance that he held the mic stand and sang his song. When Katy Perry asked about it, he said he just wanted to win and slowed down.

When the fans didn’t vote him in, and the judges didn’t save him, Cameron did one last backflip.

Cameron Whitcomb Covers Black Sabbath's "Changes" - American Idol 2022

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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