Dylan on Bachelor In Paradise: Are he and Hannah still together?

Dylan Barbour
Dylan Barbour proposed to Hannah. Pic credit: John Fleenor/ABC

Dylan Barbour fell in love with Hannah G as soon as he saw her in paradise. For the first two days, he fought to get her to himself. But by all accounts, he finally did and it ended in a proposal. And while Dylan was nervous about proposing, it sounds like Hannah was nervous as well.

In fact, she forgot to answer when he asked her to marry him.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to react. For one, it was the most predictable proposal of the entire season. Everyone knew he was going to propose, but Hannah still acted like she had no idea. Second, it didn’t help that Hannah didn’t answer the question right away, resulting in Dylan reminding her to answer.

Needless to say, Hannah and Dylan managed to make the most predictable proposal dramatic.

When the reunion special began, Hannah and Dylan weren’t seated next to one another. Demi was placed in between them, making it seem like they weren’t together.

However, before the finale wrapped up, fans got an update on their relationship. As it turns out, they are still together and they are still very much in love. During the reunion special, Dylan revealed that he had struggled to watch Hannah contemplate a relationship with Blake.

As for the future, Hannah is planning on moving to California so they can be closer to one another. There are no plans of getting married or starting a family just yet. It sounds like they are excited about the future and what it may bring.

During the reunion, Hannah G appeared surprised that the process had worked for them, but she’s also happy that she’s now engaged to a man who is clearly devoted to her.

Bachelor In Paradise wraps up tonight on ABC.

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