DWTS Sharna Burgess posts 28-week baby bump photos, blasts mom shamers

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars’ Sharna Burgess is less than three months from her due date.

To celebrate, Sharna continues to share photos with her fans.

In her most recent, a 28-week baby bump photo, she also took aim at the mommy shamers that troll the Internet giving their unwanted opinions to anyone and everyone.

Sharna Burgess shares baby bump pic

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green‘s child is due on July 4, and she announced that this picture was her official third-trimester photo.

She then joked that it was no longer cute, and she was nearing the stage where she is ready to get this over with.

“I am rapidly leaving the cute fun stage and headed toward the ‘cut this thing out of me’ stage.”

She then joked about how much her baby is kicking.

“Convinced now that I’ve created the next Bruce Lee,” she wrote. “That is the ONLY explanation for what’s happening inside this belly.”

Sharna then complained about pregnancy constipation, the difficulty of shaving and tying her shoes, and how much the baby weighs.

Sharna attacks mom shamers

After all the fun, Sharna then turned her attention to the mom shamers who troll social media sites.

“What I’ve found most interesting recently is the fact that so many women on here want to shame and harass and hardcore judge a pregnant woman,” Sharna wrote. “It’s sad to see and hard to understand.”

She mentioned how it is beautiful and a learning curve for anyone who is pregnant. She pointed out how anyone who thinks they know best for anyone doesn’t know anything.

“Because every pregnancy is different. Your journey isn’t mine and mine isn’t yours. But I love sharing my journey because I think it’s beautiful and funny and special,” Sharna wrote. “And yet so many can’t just enjoy the share, they have to pull it apart for their own… enjoyment? Validation? Justification?”

“I’m not sure.”

With that said, Sharna made sure to let her fans know this wasn’t based on everyone because she has plenty of great fans on Instagram.

“There is an abundance of women following me who are supportive and kind and offer advice in ways that are welcome and appreciated. Women are amazing.. what we can do is amazing,” Sharna said.

“I wish we praised that more often for each other rather than criticizing a woman learning and having a human experience.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return to Disney+ later in 2022.

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