DWTS Cheryl Burke reveals she forced Matthew Lawrence into therapy

Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars
Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ©

Cheryl Burke is talking about her past relationships on her new podcast, Burke in the Game.

Nothing has been off-limits so far as she talks about the good and bad, including her own weaknesses and what she considers her positive points.

One of the things that she says she believes in is therapy, and that was important for her before she got married to Matthew Lawrence.

Cheryl Burke forced Matthew Lawrence into therapy

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence dated once in the past before they got back together and ended up getting married.

However, Cheryl wouldn’t marry Matthew until he attended therapy with her.

“My soon-to-be ex-husband, we went to therapy before we even got engaged,” Cheryl said in this last week’s podcast. “I’m a huge advocate for therapy, so I kind of forced him to go. And I think it really helped when it came to communication.”

“And it was consistent throughout from beginning to end.”

Sadly, it wasn’t enough to save their marriage, as Cheryl filed for divorce earlier this year.

“When you’ve reached the point when you’ve done it all in that sense, and you realize we’ve evolved and maybe not together,” Cheryl told her guest for the show, Laura Wasser, Hollywood’s go-to divorce attorney.

“And you still have this issue, like, ‘Okay, well, the communication may have to stop for a little bit because this is too much to handle,’ do you suggest hiring an attorney at that point?”

Cheryl explained that people evolve and grow, and sometimes they grow apart.

Cheryl is getting personal on her podcast

Cheryl Burke is not holding back on her podcast.

In the episode from two weeks ago, she let fans know about her sexual dissatisfaction.

Cheryl said she has never reached an orgasm while having sex. She said she wasn’t throwing her exes under the bus and that it was all about her own problems.

“I’ve never really, I guess, had an orgasm before when it comes to intercourse. This doesn’t reflect on any partner I’ve been with; it only reflects on me,” she said.

She admitted that the reasons come from a childhood of “abuse, shame, and vulnerability.”

“I didn’t associate sex with intimacy or love, honestly,” she said. “It was something that I did because I felt like I had to, in a way, just to keep a boyfriend and to feel safe and loved, and this was clearly horrible.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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