DWTS’ Cheryl Burke already thinking next marriage in midst of divorce

Cheryl Burke on Dancing with the Stars
Cheryl Burke on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Cheryl Burke is already thinking of getting married again despite still being married to Matthew Lawrence.

In early January, Cheryl was talking about how her marriage was great because opposites attract. The day after that interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show went live, she and Matthew separated. In February, she filed for divorce.

However, Cheryl has recently begun talking about how she tried to save her marriage and explained she is a huge proponent of counseling, even though it didn’t work with her marriage.

Now, with her new dating podcast starting in the middle of her divorce, Cheryl is already talking about getting married again.

Cheryl Burke wants to settle down and get married again

Cheryl Burke spoke to Us Weekly about her ongoing divorce and about how she doesn’t want to start dating again but wants to get married again and settle down.

“I am done hitting the streets. That sounds bad, but you know, back in my club days, it was like an every morning embarrassment,” Cheryl said. “I can’t be in that environment. I don’t want to be. It’s no fun. It’s no fun when I can’t even hear the other person talk.”

Cheryl is still down on herself, suffering from some anxiety and depression issues, and she said in the interview that she sees herself as a “turnoff” when male figures come into her life.

However, she said she is ready to get married again after she learns how to prioritize herself.

“I need to believe and love myself enough to really know that I deserve a good guy,” Cheryl said. “This is just un-training my brain. I need to not be, like, ‘Why do I attract certain men?’ Versus like, ‘Why do certain men disgust me?’”

“It’s being proactive in trying to stay present and conscious and know my self-worth. And a lot of that is still in the works.”

Cheryl feels filing for divorce was empowering

While Cheryl is the one who filed for divorce, the dancer said it was hard for her to do. She said that she felt that divorce was bad, but now she feels it was for the better – at least for herself.

“Like, if you look at it, it’s kind of courageous, right?” she said. “Like, it’s kind of empowering. I think it really is the way you look at it because it’s not easy staying together. It’s not easy not being together. It’s like, why compare it?”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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