DWTS’ Cheryl Burke said she tried to save marriage before filing for divorce

Cheryl Burke
Cheryl Burke talks divorce. Pic credit: @Tamrom Hall Show/YouTube

In early January, Cheryl Burke talked glowingly about her marriage to Matthew Lawrence on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

One day after the show aired, Cheryl separated from her husband Matthew Lawrence and one month later she filed for divorce.

Fans still are not sure what happened to end the marriage, but the two are getting divorced and agreed on most things in the divorce request outside of who pays the attorney fees.

With that in mind, Cheryl is starting a new podcast about dating that will see her talking about her life, including what went right and wrong in her relationships.

This means that Cheryl will be opening up to her fans about her personal life, and she has already started. Cheryl just revealed how she tried to save her marriage before filing for divorce.

Cheryl said she tried couple counseling with Matthew

It all seemed so sudden, with Cheryl talking about how she and Matthew were “opposites attract” and then her filing for divorce.

However, it appears the two had been struggling for a while. They married in May 2019 after dating for a year in 2006 and then reuniting in 2017.

The separation happened on January 7, 2022, and the divorce was filed on February 18. The reasons were cited as “irreconcilable differences.”

Cheryl appeared on Tamron Hall on Wednesday and said that she is a “huge advocate for therapy.”

“I truly believe in it. Matt and I were in couple’s therapy, even before our marriage,” Cheryl said. “I think people associate therapy with like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a problem.’ But really I think it’s very healthy to have that third person there that’s not biased and that can give you ways and tools on how to communicate.”

While it didn’t save her marriage, Cheryl said there are good reasons couples should try therapy.

“Emotions and feelings can get in the way and can get misconstrued. I’m a huge advocate for that. We definitely did try,” Cheryl admitted. “People evolve. People grow. And sometimes they grow together and sometimes they, unfortunately, grow apart.”

Cheryl Burke still feels close to Matthew

Cheryl Burke said that the marriage didn’t work. but she still holds a spot in her heart for Matthew Lawrence.

“I have so much love for him and his family forever.”

She also said that she has a lot of things to take into account now that she is not in a relationship anymore. She said she wants to use this new podcast she is starting to help other women through her own experience.

“It is scary, it is lonely,” Cheryl said. “If anyone else is like me out there that tend to just crawl into their shell, like I do, at least you know they you’re not alone through this process because it is painful. It is like a death. It is a death.”

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