Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke talks mental health amidst divorce

Cheryl Burke at the La La Land premiere
Cheryl Burke at the La La Land premiere. Pic credit: ©

Cheryl Burke filed for divorce from her husband, Matthew Lawrence, in February.

After filing for divorce, it turned out that the two had been separated since early January and Cheryl claimed irreconcilable differences in her filing.

Since that time, Cheryl went to visit the wedding venue where they got married and told fans that she was taking some time for herself, asking for privacy during this hard time in her life.

Now, Cheryl is speaking out about her mental health at the end of her marriage.

Cheryl Burke on mental health during divorce

Cheryl Burke posted a video on Instagram where she talked to fans about the upcoming divorce and her mental health during this time.

She captioned the video, “I wanted to take a minute to talk about what’s going on lately.”

She then talked for two minutes about her current mental health. She also posted the Fairmont Grand Del Mar video in San Diego, where she and Matthew got married.

“It has been an interesting journey so far, to say the least,” Burke said.

“It’s been scary because I’m so used to pushing through because of my athleticism and dancing in general,” she continued. “And as a competitor, you learn to push forward, even if it hurts — which means you’re not listening to your actual body.”

She then tied her endurance as a dancer into her accepting how she feels as a person.

“I’ve taken initiative, and my intention has been to really try and feel my feelings and, more importantly, not judge my feelings while I’m feeling them,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl also called them “very uplifting” but also “sad.” She also said that past trauma came from her dad’s death and the abuse she suffered throughout the years.

“Feeling your feelings may be scary,” she said.” But it’s worth it in the long run.”

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence’s relationship

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence got married in May 2019. They had known each other since 2006 and dated from 2007 to 2008 but broke up before getting back together in 2017.

The news that Cheryl filed for divorce arrived at the end of February.

Burke listed the couple’s date of separation as January 7, which was one day after she talked about their marriage on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Cheryl posted an Instagram message asking for time to process her feelings, saying, “I hope you can understand that I will not be commenting any further at this time and am asking for understanding and privacy.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus.

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