Dr. Jen Armstrong takes a shot at Tamra Judge over her RHOC return

Newly fired RHOC star Dr. Jen Armstrong has shady response to Tamra Judge's return to the show.
Dr. Jen Armstrong shades Tamra Judge. Pic credit: @jenniferarmstrongmd/Instagram

Newly fired Dr. Jen Armstrong seems a bit salty towards alum Tamra Judge who will be taking her spot next season.

During a recent interview, Jen was asked to comment on the network’s decision to bring back Tamra and she was quite shady in her response.

According to Jen, the returning Housewife is simply known for fighting and screaming on the show and she insinuated that Tamra needs RHOC because it’s her “whole world.”

The one-season wonder also opened up about her firing and blamed editing for her bland personality last season. Jen said she has a good sense of humor, but that side of her personality was edited out.

“I feel like they muted me out a lot, which was really frustrating to me,” she confessed to Page Six. However, that wasn’t the only point of contention for the Season 16 cast member.

The fact that some viewers felt she didn’t have her own opinion and simply mimicked what other people said didn’t sit well with the mom-of-three either. When that was brought up at the reunion, the shady editors showed several flashback clips of Jen doing just that!

“That was probably the only part of the show that I was really pissed off about…” admitted Jen. “I guess if you have five months of footage, filming four, five days a week, you can get whatever you wanna get.”

Speaking of the reunion, we barely saw or heard from Jen during the sitdown and she blamed editing for that too, noting, “I was talking most of the reunion and so just to be cut out made me upset!”

Dr. Jen Armstong shades Tamra Judge’s return to RHOC

During her chat with the media outlet, talk turned to Tamra Judge and her return to the show.

“Her whole world is Housewives, so good for her right? But that’s not my whole world,” said the newly fired Real Housewives of Orange County star. “That’s not what I’m hanging my hat on for my life.”

“I’m super appreciative that I was on it,” she continued, “But that’s not what I wanna be known for. I wanna be known for helping people.”

Dr. Jen Armstrong says Tamra Judge is known for screaming and fighting

Jen also spoke on whether she thinks the other Real Housewives of Orange County cast members will enjoy having Tamra Judge back in the mix.

“We’ve seen Tamra film,” responded Jen. “There’s a lot of screaming and fighting and throwing, that’s what Housewives is…That’s not what I am, so maybe that’s why they wanted that back.”

As for whether she would be open to returning to the show in a friend capacity, Jen admitted, “of course.”

However, considering how the viewers reacted to her casting last season, we highly doubt that will ever happen.

Would you like to see Jen back on the show as a friend?

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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