Doug Hehner pokes fun at ‘sacred’ cheek kiss on wedding day with Jamie Otis

Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis
Doug Hehner married Jamie Otis on the first-ever season of Married at First Sight Season 1. Pic credit: @doughehner/Instagram

Married at First Sight Season 15 saw all the couples share a kiss on the lips during their wedding day. 

With the unconventional experience of marrying a stranger, not all previous members of MAFS were comfortable kissing at the alter. 

Memorably, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were married on the first season of Married at First Sight and opted not to plant a kiss on the lips during their wedding ceremony. 

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As MAFS viewers will recall, Jamie wasn’t immediately attracted to Doug.

Therefore, Jamie only allowed Doug to kiss her on the cheek at the end of their ceremony. 

Recently, Doug reacted to the MAFS Season 15 couple’s kiss as he amusingly referred to his and Jamie’s wedding day peck. 

Doug Hehner teases ‘sacred’ wedding day kiss with Jamie Otis 

Married at First Sight’s Instagram page showed off several wedding day kisses from the San Diego cast and captioned the post, “#MAFSSanDiego KISS CAM is the ultimate #FlirtyFriday moment ?.”

MAFS fans left comments under the post, including MAFS vet Doug Hehner. 

Doug teased, “What ever happened to the sacred @mafslifetime bride getting a kiss on the cheek?!? I took both cheeks btw.” 

Doug Hehner's comment
Pic credit: @doughehner/Instagram

Doug truly got the last laugh despite an awkward start to his marriage as he and Jamie Otis are the longest-standing couple within the Married at First Sight franchise. 

While it took a while for Jamie to open up to Doug, and she struggled to even be near him at their wedding, Doug remained patient and slowly but surely crept his way into Jamie’s heart.

The pair now have two children and are actively working on expanding their family with another child. 

MAFS fans express issues with members of the San Diego season 

Other comments under the MAFS Instagram post featured fans airing their grievances with certain members of this season. 

One commenter critiqued Miguel’s sister, who rubbed viewers the wrong way with her treatment of Lindy.

The commenter wrote, “Is anyone else annoyed by Miguel’s sister? She’s way over the top.”

Several comments expressed feeling bad for Krysten after being paired with Mitch, who has quickly exhibited red flags. 

A follower wrote, “Why did they match sweet, outgoing Krysten with Mitch. What were the so called experts thinking!” 

Another viewer added, “Mitch should never have applied for this, & I won’t apologize. Krysten seems like an amazing human & he thought her mom was hot. He can’t say anything nice about Krysten.” 

Time will tell if any MAFS Season 15 couples will have as much success as Doug and Jamie.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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