Dorit Kemsley claps back after Erika Jayne suggests she’ll divorce next

Dorit Kemsley is not taking Erika Jayne's mean comment about her marriage lightly.
Dorit and Paul Kemsley respond to Erika Jayne’s massive dig at their marriage. Pic credit: ©

Looks like The Fox Force Five will soon be down another member as Erika Jayne took a massive swing at Dorit Kemsley this weekend.

While attending BravoCon, Erika was asked the very shady question, “What Bravolebrity relationship do you think is headed to Splitsville next?”

The performer had the choice to go with a diplomatic answer, but she went the total opposite.

Erika first hesitated to answer, and then she came back to the front of the stage and said, “Dorit and PK.”

She then strutted away as the crowd let out huge yells of shock and some boos.

Even Andy Cohen was stunned and looked at her with his jaw on the floor.

RHOBH: Dorit and Paul Kemsley fire back at Erika Jayne

Understandably so, Dorit didn’t take lightly her so-called friend’s diss. She took to social media to reply and @Bravohousewives documented all the shade.

Dorit suggested that Erika is unhappy and therefore she is going after people in an attempt to make them feel as bad as she does. She wrote, “Misery loves company. What else can j say.”

She added that her true friends know the kind of relationship she has with PK, so, maybe she is insinuating that Erika is not a close friend of hers.

Dorit said, “Our friends, those that truly know us, know what we have and who we are.”

PK also clapped back using his British sense of humor. He said, “Erika Jayne thought her husband was innocent. She thought the ankle is more important than the brain. She thought she should keep the earrings. Now she thinks Dorit and I are next to Split up… Here’s a quick bit of management advice… Stop thinking!”

Erika Jayne backpedals after saying mean comment

Soon after Dorit and PK’s responses, Erika backpedaled. She said that she was only joking and that she didn’t believe that her friends were heading for divorce. She wrote, “When did you get so sensitive? You know damn well I was joking..”

Erika has said multiple times this season in her confessionals and to her castmates’ faces that she prays that their story doesn’t end like hers.

After her rant in Aspen, she said, “Yall better pray your sh** don’t end up like mine.”

At this point, it’s almost like she would like someone else to have drama in their life. Like Dorit said, maybe it’s a case of “Misery loves company.” One would think the singer would show Dorit more kindness after the traumatic events she endured.

Kathy Hilton slams Erika Jayne after Dorit Kemsley’s relationship comment

Many viewers took to social media to slam Erika for saying that her friend’s marriage would be the next one to end.

Even Kathy Hilton joined the comment section of the video where the Pretty Mess performer is sharing her big revelation.

Kathy wrote, “Anything to stay on the show!!! Trying to create her storyline for next season.” She also made sure to tag Dorit in the comment.

The RHOBH star Kathy Hilton takes Dorit Kemsley's side in feud with Erika Jayne.
Pic credit:

Many viewers agreed and said that Erika wanted a storyline for the upcoming season, other than her legal issues.

Kathy has been involved in her own feud with her co-star Lisa Rinna.

A viewer even pointed out how shady Erika was when she shared a story about PK that Dorit was unaware of. She wrote, “Not really surprised.. Erika kind of started it off at the reunion taping with that little story about PK that Dorit had no idea about.” The fan added, “Trying to create a storyline before the next season.”

A viewer points out that Erika Jayne has been taking digs at Dorit Kemsley for a while now.
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In the preview for Part 2 of the reunion, Erika is seen sharing that a long time ago, PK came up to her and a friend and asked them if they worked in porn. She said the British native said, “I am Paul fu**ing Kemsley.”

We shall see how this feud continues to play out in the media and if it indeed carries into the next season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 7/8c on Bravo.  

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