Dorinda Medley feud with the RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson continues

Dorinda Vicki
Dorinda Medley and Vicki Gunvalson’s feud rages on. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was a huge success on Peacock, and fans were thrilled when the network gave the green light to film another season. Season two was filmed at Dorinda Medley’s estate in the Berkshires, which served as the backdrop to some of The Real Housewives of New York’s most memorable episodes.

Ultimate Girls Trip is proving to be no different than any other housewives franchise – Season 1 had fights, drama, and broken friendships. Season 2 looks to be even more dramatic, and it started with a huge fight between the host and the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson. The two butted heads almost immediately during a discussion about COVID-19 vaccines, and well, they had opinions!

Now the feud has spilled over into personal attacks, and Dorinda is not backing down anytime soon.

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Dorinda has no plans to ‘make it nice’ with Vicki

On an episode of the Instagram show, Newbies X OG, Vicki talked to host Donald Adler and RHODubai stars Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan about her time on RHUGT, and what she said angered Dorinda.

The guests spoke about the time in the Berkshires, and Vicki said she had no plans to return to Blue Stone Manor, and she would be “absolutely miserable” living in Dorinda’s “old house,” but that she understands that it makes Dorinda happy. She also said during the episode that she “loved” Dorinda, so Vicki clearly didn’t think she was being hurtful to her vacation host.

Once Dorinda caught wind of Vicki’s critique of her historic home, she let loose on her co-star as only she could. She took to Instagram to school Vicki on the home she was so proud of, and made sure to tag Vicki so she didn’t miss the lesson. In her post, she said, “Who in this group picture doesn’t understand the difference between “Old” and “Historic”? (I tagged her to make it easy) Excited for the show?”

Vicki was Dorinda’s target on her podcast

Last week on her SiriusXM podcast, Make It Nice, Dorinda did not hold back on her overflowing battle with Vicki.

“Well, listen, this is a girl that thinks dancing on dirty tables in a bar at Puerto Vallarta, whatever that place is called, is fun,” Dorinda said. “So I mean, you can’t really have people that don’t have taste understand taste,” adding, “you have to have a taste level to understand a home like Blue Stone Manor, and you have to understand a lifestyle.”

Then she went for Vicki’s jugular when she claimed, “Like, you may not like my life, but I also don’t date people that pretend to have cancer, you know what I mean?” referring to Vicki’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers, whose cancer scam was the focus of RHOC Season 10.

Dorinda Medley Reacts to Vicki Gunvalson’s Review of Blue Stone Manor

“You wanna get mean, I’ll get mean,” she told listeners. In the end, Dorinda just wanted respect from Vicki. “She was a guest in my house. So regardless of what she thinks, it just shows that she really has no real manners. I would never say anything bad about her house,” Dorinda admitted, saying Vicki should have been “gracious.”

When asked whether that meant “war,” Dorinda immediately replied, “Yes.”

This Housewives crossover feud appears to be far from over!

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club premieres June 23 on Peacock.

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