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Did Larissa really dump Eric Nichols on Instagram?

Eric Nichols
After getting dumped by 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Eric Nichols is spilling the tea. Pic credit: @goombolsaffino/Instagram

We previously reported that Larissa Dos Santos Lima dumped Eric Nichols after she posted about the split and explained that she was ready to do some work on herself.

But the way the former 90 Day Fiance star did the dumping is quite shocking as it sounds like Eric didn’t actually hear the news from Larissa’s mouth.

Instead, it looks like he may have found out from his mother, who read it on the internet!

Eric shared his breakup story in his Instagram bio briefly, claiming he was “Dumped by a girl on 9/11.”

“Thru a post?” He continued. “My mother saw 2 calltotell me about?! WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER 2 BE ME & 2 rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.”

Eric Nichols shared details of break up from Larissa on Instagram
Eric Nichols changed his Instagram bio to tell how Larissa broke his heart. Pic credit: @goombolsaffino/Instagram

It turns out that Larissa may not have meant to dump Eric by way of Instagram. After he put it out there that he was dumped on social media, Larissa tried to explain herself (also on Instagram).

A screenshot caught by John Yates shows Larissa in the comment section, trying to explain herself. She said that she sent a text first but when it was not returned, she took to social media.

“I sent him a text he never answered, so I decided to make it official online,” Larissa wrote. “I did not break up because of a post but because of a serie of events. We had a lot of fun together, but we are not on the same page of relationship. I was giving too much and not having enough effort back. I realized that I need to concentrate on me and love myself more before I can be with someone, he is a good guy and wish him the best.”

Larissa has since deleted her “Breakup story” post but Eric Nichols is busy telling his side now. Showing a screengrab of flight details for a planned flight to Colorado Springs, Eric claims that is what may have set Larissa off.

“This is the final reasoning why my most recent X lost her cool and made an abrupt, rash decision to break up which is A-ok with me,” Eric began. “After posting this to my story, she DM’d me via Instagram very upset, accusing me that I didn’t invite her, so on and so forth, although if most fans remember, she herself had been sharing excitement in her stories over the upcoming Colorado trip for the past couple months and was literally talking with one of my brothers about it THE NIGHT BEFORE.”

Then, Eric goes on to talk about how he learned he was dumped.

“When I had put my phone down to shower and show my house to a future tenant, I got a call from my mother about an hour later asking ‘are you doing okay?’ And she said ‘I saw a post from :&@:% on FB that you’re parting ways’ I didn’t think much of it and said ‘I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it yet, but will soon. We’ll be okay, these arguments happen between us often’ like when she archives our photos from Instagram when she’s upset.”

Nichols still claims his breakup and the conversations surrounding it went down in his DMs even though Larissa would obviously have his phone number.

Not only that, but some of the explosive behavior 90 Day Fiance viewers saw between Larissa and Colt seems to have spilled over into the next relationship too.

“Continuing my conversation with mother “Debbie/Duke” for another 20-30 minutes, not realizing when we got off the phone, I’d be going back to my DM’s to find multiple messages from my X stating a finalized break up on her ‘now’ terms,” Eric continues to explain.  “From there, I realized I was blocked and the apology DM’s were already packed. Here’s the thing…. lots of fabrication, secrets, stress, endless arguments, and hoops that turned into spirals, but there were some high level times.”

Both Larissa and Eric claim there were some really good times in their relationship but it looks like neither one of them are looking back. There’s no telling if things will continue to sour between them but we’ll certainly be watching social media since that’s where their drama goes down.

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