Did Adam and Malia have sex before joining Below Deck Mediterranean?

Adam grinning on the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion
Adam grins as Andy asks him about his and Malia’s relationship before Below Deck Mediterranean

The question of whether Adam Glick and Malia White ever had sex before they joined Below Deck Mediterranean comes up on the season reunion tonight — and the answer isn’t totally clear.

Host Andy Cohen brings up the subject on the Watch What Happens Lives special, after talking about how fans thought Malia led both Adam and co-star Wes Walton on during the season in which their love triangle took center stage.

It emerged during the season that Adam and Malia got cosy with each other before they joined the crew of the superyacht Sirocco.

Malia admits on the reunion that view she led the pair on is “fair” and says emotions were “heightened” between the crew because they were stuck on a boat together for six weeks with no chance to really see anybody else.

She adds: “I genuinely had feelings for both of these guys. They’re both amazing guys for very different reasons.”

Andy then asks Adam: “Did you tell Wes that you had a physical relationship with Malia?”

Adam says: “At the end of the charter, at the end of the season…”

Andy says: “Ok, but you told me you ‘just kissed’.”

Adam says: “It was a heavy kiss.”

When co-star Max Hagley says “but kissing leads to…”, Malia interjects and says: “Adam and I have never had sex if everyone’s wondering.”

Adam agrees when questioned by Andy — who looks like he doesn’t quite believe what they’re telling him. He then asks, leaving the whole Below Deck Med crew laughing: “How do you classify sex?”

Adam says laughing: “I’ve never had it. I don’t know.”

We told last week how Wes and Malia are still together after enjoying a romantic trip to his homeland South Africa.

The Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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