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Derek Peth podcast: Are John Paul Jones’ claims true?

Derek Peth
Derek Peth was accused of being a manipulator. Pic credit: ABC

Derek Peth was trying to move on from Demi Burnett during tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, as Demi decided to pursue a relationship with Kristian.

But as soon as he focused on Tayshia, he managed to make John Paul Jones furious. Jones had pursued Tayshia since day 1 in paradise, and he was angry at the thought she could pick Derek. The reason?

John Paul Jones didn’t think that Derek was a genuine man who was there for the right reasons. That’s when he started going crazy, listing all kinds of accusations.

He accused Derek of only using Paradise as a way to get gossip for his podcast, and he accused Derek of meeting girls via social media and hooking up with them.

While we can’t confirm that Derek Peth has met with girls to hook up because of his Bachelorette fame, we can confirm that he does have a podcast.

The podcast is called The Betchelor, published by Podcast Republic.

The official description reads:

“The Betchelor is a Bachelor recap podcast presented by social producer Kay Brown of Betches Media and former Bachelorette heartthrob and Bachelor in Paradise winner Derek Peth. This weekly podcast follows the latest episodes and makes fun of all the ridiculous things the contestants say and do – because honestly, why else watch the show if not for the commentary?”

The show began back in August 2017 and it currently has 59 episodes and the most recent episodes talk about the events that are currently playing out on Bachelor In Paradise. The podcast is hosted by Derek and Kay Brown.

It’s uncertain whether Derek did get more drama and inspiration from being on Bachelor In Paradise, or if John Paul Jones’ accusations are baseless.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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