Demi Burnett channels Lizzie McGuire for 27th birthday

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett’s birthday outfit throws back to Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Demi Burnett rocked her bold style to ring in her 27th birthday.

Sharing photos on her special day, Demi acknowledged that her look resembled the style of Disney Channel character Lizzie McGuire.

Demi Burnett shows off her birthday outfit

Demi Burnett recently turned 27, and she celebrated by wearing a homage to early 2000s style. 

Sharing a series of photos in her throwback outfit, Demi captioned her post, “Happy Birthday to me,” with an alien emoji and added, “27 never looked so Lizzie McGuire.” 

In the photos, Demi stood out in a white crop top with the word “Develish” across the chest. Demi also wore silver pants, white boots, and white fingerless gloves. Demi’s gloves and pants especially felt reminiscent of Hilary Duff‘s character Lizzie McGuire.

Demi also accessorized the look with big hoop earrings, necklaces, as well as continuing to rock her blunt blonde bangs and pearly white smile. 

Demi Burnett opens up about being autistic 

Demi Burnett has had an eventful season of life as she recently learned she is autistic. 

After sharing posts about her mental health challenges, Demi sought psychiatric help and the results from her psychological evaluation revealed that she has autism.

Demi took to Instagram to announce the news and spread awareness. 

Demi optioned her post, “ MAYBE A TRIGGER WARNING I DONT KNOW BUT HEADS UP. I did a psychological evaluation and I’m autistic. There is a huge stigma when it comes to autism. I encourage you to be open minded and accepting. Swipe for some “memes” that might be helpful when dealing with an autistic person. All I want is to have a better quality of life.” 

With the recent news and her large platform, Demi expressed that she plans to continue to open up about her journey. 

Demi wrote, “I will share more on my story of my evaluation and how I got to this point and all of my pain and struggles along the way. I want to make sure anyone who is/was feeling like me can know you really aren’t alone. It can get better! And most importantly it isn’t your fault.”

It seems Demi will be spending year 27 being even more transparent and a champion for those who can relate to her story. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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