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Deavan Clegg reveals botched lip fillers, credits Larissa Lima and her PA for helping her

Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell All
Deavan Clegg revealed her lip filler nightmare. Pic credit: TLC

Deavan Clegg has been through a lot in her life and recently, she added a scary experience with lip fillers to that list. The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star shared about her ordeal recently, revealing that “botched” lip fillers caused her lips to swell up so bad that she was afraid she might end up disfigured.

Thankfully, Deavan is going to be okay and so are her lips. And it also looks like she learned a valuable lesson about doing a lot of research, about both the product and the provider, before seeking out any kind of cosmetic procedures in the future.

Deavan made her big reveal on Wednesday via Instagram. She went live with Heather Rohrer, the physician’s assistant who does a lot of Larissa Lima’s cosmetic work. Deavan explained what happened to her lips, which are still recovering, and how she reached out to Larissa for help.

As she explained in the Instagram live video, Deavan saw someone in South Korea to have lip fillers. She said they didn’t ask her much, didn’t tell her anything and only saw one picture before they started injecting her lips. It wasn’t a good experience.

Deavan explained that her lips swelled up huge, with her bottom lip sticking way out. She also experienced bruising on her lips and on her face around them. She said that she was given a “botched product” though she wasn’t even really sure what was injected.

“In Korea I decided to get lip fillers before doing research. The product they injected had not been tested. I went to a professional,” Deavan explained. “My lip was so swollen and injected incorrectly. I had damage so severe that my lip was dying. Please ladies do research it’s okay to get lip fillers and feel beautiful. But please do research and find a doctor who specializes in it.”

“I searched hours on what to do and couldn’t find anything so I want to help girls who are going or went through this,” Deavan continued. “I want to thank @larissalimareal for recommending Heather. Heather saved my lip from dying and I am so happy thank you so much @aestheticmedicine_lv for saving my lip it means the world and ladies and gentlemen check her out she is absolutely amazing I will be posting a lot about this journey.”

She was referred to Heather Hohrer for help in reversing the damage done by the botched lip fillers. She verified that whatever was injected in Deavan’s lips was hyaluronic acid-based, which is what the FDA approved fillers like Juvaderm and Restylane contain.

However, something clearly was wrong or it wasn’t injected properly, which is what led to Deavan’s reaction.

Then, in order to help Deavan get the smile she was hoping for, Heather administered just a bit of Botox to Deavan’s upper lip to help bring her smile down and make it less gummy.

She also injected just a little bit of product in Deavan’s lips to give her the subtle and natural look she was hoping for from the beginning.

Deavan’s Instagram live video about her botched lip job can be viewed here.

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