Dean Unglert reveals he’ll buy Caelynn Miller-Keyes an engagement ring if she buys him this first

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes discuss an engagement compromise. Pic credit: ABC

After finding himself in a love triangle in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, Dean Unglert decided to give his journey to find love on television one more shot. Good thing, too, as he met his current girlfriend, Caelynn Miller-Keyes on the beach the following summer during Season 6 of the show.

When Dean came in during Week 2 of that season, he and Caelynn hit it off almost immediately. However, a few episodes in, Dean decided to leave the island, breaking Caelynn’s heart on her birthday nonetheless.

However, during Week 5, he returned to ask the former pageant queen to leave the show, choose their relationship, and live in his van with him.

While fans didn’t see this as a match at first, the duo has surprised Bachelor Nation as they are still together and have discussed marriage. In fact, Dean has just announced a compromise he would be willing to make regarding that subject.

Dean Unglert said he wants something in return for a proposal to Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Recently, Dean has come out and announced that he will, in fact, buy Caelynn an engagement ring and get married if she buys him a truck first.

Dean also discussed how Caelynn makes a lot more money than he does and how buying a ring would mean spending his money on something he doesn’t even want.

Because of this, Dean made a deal with Caelynn that if she gets him a truck, he’ll propose.

Dean also revealed that he doesn’t need to necessarily put a ring on Caelynn’s finger for them to have a future together. He went on to say that they’re basically already married because they do have a joint bank account for their van-house, along with their individual ones.

Dean shares his take on saying ‘I love you’ to Caelynn

Dean got a bit defensive when prompted about those three little words everyone loves to hear when in a serious relationship.

While he countered by saying that he does say I love you to his girlfriend, he shared he would rather show her how much he loves her than have to say the words all the time. He went on to talk about how actions speak louder than words in his mind.

While Dean has put this offer and compromise on the table, there has been no word from Caelynn either way. Will she take this deal, or will she continue to live with Dean as boyfriend and girlfriend?

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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