Dean and DLo from Bachelor In Paradise: What happened between them?

Dean is back on Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Dean Unglert went on Bachelor In Paradise last year and he couldn’t decide between Kristina and Danielle, also known as DLO. During the season, Kristina left the show before the finale because Dean wanted to explore his relationship with Danielle.

According to Bustle, things ended rather civil between them. Dean didn’t propose to Danielle during the finale and they actually decided to end their relationship instead.

Then, during the Bachelor In Paradise reunion special, DLo had a few things to say to Dean about his behavior, including how Dean had told Danielle how he was still in love with Kristina, which was why he couldn’t pursue a relationship with her.

Things only got worse when DLo revealed that she and Dean had spent time together in Mexico once filming had wrapped. She reportedly also claimed that she and Dean were together numerous times since returning back home from filming.

Kristina was angry, as she had no idea that he was seeing DLo at the same time. Kristina had also talked to Dean after returning home, as he reached out to her. They had also spent time together, making it seem that Dean had played both of them.

Even Reality Steve couldn’t figure out if Dean was playing both women, but he was spotted with Danielle back in Los Angeles at a Farmers Market after returning home.

While we don’t know exactly why Dean and DLo ended things, it seems that Dean may have been seeing both women at the same time, as he was trying to figure out his feelings.

When Dean entered Bachelor In Paradise, he called himself a new man with a new look, so hopefully, he has put the drama and the indecisions behind him and is ready to find love – with just one woman.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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