Darcey and Stacey spoilers: Darcey Silva tells Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife she spent over $50,000 on him

Stacey Silva tells Georgi Rusev's ex-wife that she's been funding his lifestyle
Darcey Silva meets up with Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife. Pic credit: TLC

Things are about to get very interesting on the upcoming episode of Darcey and Stacey as Darcey Silva finally sits down with Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife.

The TLC star made some surprising revelations during the chat and even admitted to spending over $50,000 on her fiance.

Darcey and Georgi have been going through a rough time in their relationship due to Georgi’s secrecy regarding his past. However, Darcey is hell-bent on learning more about her fiance’s life, and in a sneak peek for tonight’s episode, she finally gets her wish.

Darcey Silva meets Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife

Darcey and Georgi are in his hometown, packing up his things to bring back to their apartment. Stacey and Florian also joined them on the journey.

While there, Darcey wants to find out more about the man she is about to marry so she and Stacey met up with Georgi’s ex-wife to get some answers.

“We’ve been together for a little less than a year but it still feels like there [are] some things that I need to know,” said Darcey. “Because he did propose to me there’s a lot of questions that are seemingly unanswered and you know I obviously know that you guys were married…”

Darcey continued, “I just feel like whenever I asked questions, he shuts down and then I get that cold demeanor from him… obviously I’m older and I’ve spent a lot of money. He has a sense of entitlement, which bothers me.”

“His roommates used to call him princess cause he always has to have his way,” revealed Georgi’s ex-wife.

“That’s exactly what I’m dealing with right now. Definitely, it seems like a pattern cause he’s just taking, taking, taking and he doesn’t give me anything…”

Stacey then recounted a past incident that she’s still angry about after revealing that Darcey has been funding Georgi’s lifestyle.

“On our birthday, we went on a shopping spree for ourselves… to treat ourselves and he ended up getting a bunch of designer clothes worth thousands of dollars,” said Stacey. “I’m still a little bitter about that moment.”

Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife is left shocked

Georgi’s ex-wife admitted to being shocked when the Darcey and Stacy star revealed how much she had spent on Georgi.

“How much have you spent?” she queried during their chat.

“Between moving, Miami, I bought all new furniture, I’m paying for the rent, $50,000 at least” admitted Darcey.

‘I want to believe in the best in Georgi so I want to believe that he loves her,” commented Georgi’s ex-wife. “But when Darcey told me that she spent $50,000 dollars on Georgi, it was a bit shocking cause she’s funding his lifestyle, it’s absolutely wild to me.”

“Tell his a** ‘no'” she added.

Check out the short clip above before the full scene plays out tonight.

Darcey & Stacey airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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