Dancing with the Stars: Sasha Farber reveals what happened with Suni Lee

Suni Lee and Sasha Farber on Dancing with the Stars
Suni Lee and Sasha Farber on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

This week on Dancing with the Stars, Suni Lee had some problems and rushed off the stage after her first dance.

While some fans were mad that Tyra Banks called her out on throwing up in the bathroom after the dance, her partner Sasha Farber was a bit more kind when he explained what happened with Suni on Monday night.

Sasha Farber on Suni Lee’s illness on Dancing with the Stars

Suni Lee and Sasha Farber came out and performed the Paso Doble to We Will Rock You by Queen.

When the dance ended, Suni ran off the stage and disappeared. Sasha stood along and accepted the judge’s comments.

This came after Suni Lee told fans earlier that day that she was not feeling well.

“Hey guys ! not feeling my best tonight but i will still be dancing for queen night! make sure you guys vote for me and sash! each week is getting scarier & intense !!,” Suni wrote. “Love you all.”

Suni Lee 1
Pic credit: @sunisalee_/Twitter

“I think it was probably the hardest week I’ve ever had on Dancing With the Stars,” Sasha said in an interview.

“The poor girl started to feel really sick on Tuesday, and it got worse and worse. We had to miss rehearsals,” he continued. “Today was actually the first time she did the relay because she couldn’t do it last night. I danced with a mannequin [in rehearsals].”

He said that Suni would throw up every time they rehearsed, but he credited her with pushing on.

Sasha Farber said Suni almost didn’t return for the relay dance.

Suni Lee almost gave up on DWTS before dances

Suni vomited right before her first dance and almost gave up, but Sasha pushed her on. He said she started to walk away, and he called her back.

“I was like, ‘Suni, you’ve got this. Come on. This is game time,'” Farber said. “And she turned around and she was, like, holding it in, and she held it in for a minute 35 and then the second the dance was over, she ran to a trashcan.”

Suni didn’t want to return for the relays because she was “mortified.” However, everyone tried to boost her confidence.

“We’re all saying to her, like, ‘You’re going to regret this tomorrow if you don’t do this,” Sasha said.

“And the power of the other pros and celebrities cheering around in that relay, like, that’s the most smiling and most passion [she showed]. She really dug deep and she did it.”

Sasha even said they didn’t practice or rehearse anymore, and she could trust in him to lead her – as long as she didn’t throw up on him during the dance.

She returned and did so well under the circumstances that Carrie Ann gave her an extra point for the night.

Sasha said that he hopes she will feel better as she prepares for next week.

“I’m just so proud to be dancing with such a warrior,” he finished.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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