Dancing with the Stars’ Jimmie Allen talks about his elimination

Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater on Dancing with the Stars
Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars had a double elimination this past Monday and one of the stars that went home was Jimmie Allen.

While Allen quickly recovered with a big country music award two nights later, he was still disappointed to go home early.

Allen talked about his elimination in an interview with iHeart.

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Jimme Allen on his Dancing with the Stars elimination

Jimmie Allen said he is happy that he took part in Dancing with the Stars. However, he also said he isn’t too sad that he was eliminated and is happy he is finished on the show.

“I’m done dancing,” Jimmie said in the interview. “I love being in the ballroom, but I’m just glad I don’t have to dance anymore! I’m done!”

“But I’m taking so much stuff I’ve learned from [Emma Slater], some of the little moves, and throwing them in the shelf, but my main thing [is] I just want everybody who’s still on the show to have fun.”

Jimmie isn’t disappointed he took part in the show, but fans should understand that he was touring at the same time he was working on Dancing with the Stars.

Emma Slater toured with him and they practiced on the road. He then went from practice to perform in his concerts, which speaks volumes about the work he put in.

Other competitors like The Miz took time off from his main job in WWE to appear on Dancing with the Stars.

Jimmie Allen said he didn’t expect to make it far on DWTS

While Jimmie Allen improved every week and fans fell in love with the country music star, he didn’t expect to do as well as he did.

He even said he hoped to make it to Disney Week but never thought he would make it past there.

“I learned so much. I have such respect now for the dancer community, the art of dancing, and the passion that each one of these professionals put in week in and week out,” Jimmie said.

“You can see the passion each one puts in each week with the choreography. I’m just honored that I got a chance to meet all the pro dancers on there.”

Jimmie Allen finished in seventh place with an average weekly score of 31.4, the sixth-best so far this season.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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