The Dancing with the Stars freestyle finale we didn’t get to see

Dancing with the Stars finalists
Dancing with the Stars finalists. Pic credit: ABC

Many Dancing with the Stars fans wanted to see Olivia Jade and Val make it to the finals.

However, when it came to the people voting at home, not enough supported her and she went home as the lowest vote-getter on the week of her elimination.

Val had said he was disappointed that Olivia didn’t get a chance to make it to the finals and he did something about it.

He choreographed what would have been Olivia’s freestyle dance and the two performed it anyway.

Olivia then posted a video of the full performance on her YouTube page.

Olivia and Val record DWTS freestyle dance after elimination

Val and Olivia danced the freestyle dance they never got a chance to perform since they were eliminated before the finals.

The freestyle was a disco-themed dance, with Olivia starting at a bar and saying she wasn’t sure if she should do this; but then the music starts and Val lures her onto the floor for their big dance.

The credits give Val all the credit for the production and direction of the video and both Val and Jessica “JJ” Rabone took co-credit for the choreography itself.

The background dancers included Emily Crouch, Rebekah Denegal, Kat Fedosova, Stephani Sosa, Brianna Milner, Jessie Hollie, Stefen Yeritsyan, and Brandon Perry.

They even included three judges taking notes on the performance — all young children.

It finally ended with 70s-style rolling credits over their finish.

Check it out here.

Olivia Jade and Val discuss their Dancing with the Stars elimination

Olivia Jade also promoted the video on her Instagram, along with some behind-the-scenes photos.

She seemed to love the dance video as much as she did her experience on Dancing with the Stars.

“Val gave me a bad case of dance fever & now I can’t stop,” Olivia wrote. “Super proud and in love with this dance video we made that’s now on my YouTube channel.”

She then offered a message to Val.

“U r incredibly fun to work and create with and I’m glad the universe forced us to hang out,” she wrote. “love u long time.”

Val simply wrote, “Got a chance to direct a little something with the help of my friends. Go check it out.”

What do you think of the Olivia Jade and Val freestyle? Would it have won the competition on finals night?

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. Season 31 should return later in 2022 on ABC.

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