Dancing With the Stars fans slam pro Witney Carson for Instagram video with son

Whitney Carson from Dancing with the Stars
Witney Carson from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: HollywoodNewsWire/@ImageCollect

Dancing With the Stars pro Witney Carson thought she was sharing a sweet video of her baby on Instagram with her fans.

However, what she couldn’t have expected would be DWTS fans blasting her in the comments for the video.

The main complaints came from either the fans who hated the song she had playing in the background of the video or fans who thought she was being reckless and dangerous with her baby.

DWTS Witney Carson shares IG video of her baby

DWTS pro Witney Carson shared a video of her baby son Leo with her 1.4 million Instagram followers this past week.

The baby was chilling on a boat, wearing a diaper and a ballcap, while sitting in a comfortable inflatable.

Witney posted, “Just a baby enjoying the last boat ride of summer ?? she was so good to us, now on to new fall adventures! #ilovethisboy.”

However, amidst the people commenting on how cute Leo is, there were just as many blasting Carson and mommy shaming her for two big reasons.

First, the song playing over the video was Beethoven by Kenndog.

Second, Leon was in the boat without a life jacket on.

Instagram fans lash out at Witney Carson

Instagram followers began to bash Witney for the choices she made as a parent.

User cinderallaiam wrote “Cutt. But please use a life jacket always.”

Even harsher was jblovespb, who wrote “Poor song choice and poor decision with lack of life vest…. You are an influencer and you have to think about the impact of your choices.”

It seemed a lot of people hated the song she used, which included the “N” word in its lyrics.

IG user sandrahart2278 wrote, “Sorry not a fan of the N word being used with this video. :( It would be just fine without. Love your little family. Just not the song! Sorry.”

IG bashing for Whitney Carson
Pic credit: @witneycarson/Instagram

While there might be a case for people worrying about the baby not wearing a life jacket in the boat, the people who just hate lyrics to rap songs seems to have pushed things a bit too far.

There were several people who just hated rap music in the video, and seemed to bash Carson for her taste in songs.

Among the comments was people calling the Kenndog song, calling it “horrible,” “Bad,” “vile and very inappropriate,” and another saying that the baby can’t resonate with the lyrics but “we do.”

IG bad taste in music
Pic credit: @witneycarson/Instagram

To her credit, Witney Carson has not responded to any of the people bashing her parenting choices or musical tastes on Instagram.

However, there were some fans who had Witney’s back. Instagram user mel-rply wrote “stop telling her how to parent her child…if you don’t like the videos she post or how she parents unfollow her…holy moly!!!”

mel-rply IG comment
Pic credit: @witneycarson/Instagram

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres on ABC, Monday, September 20, at 8/7c.

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