Dancing with the Stars fans felt Tyra Banks disrespected Jimmie Allen

Jimme Allen and Emma on Dancing with the Stars
Jimme Allen and Emma on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

This season on Dancing with the Stars, fans have grown frustrated with Tyra Banks.

It started out with Tyra’s attempts to seemingly put the focus and attention on herself, from her over-the-top costumes to her runway walks on the show.

It continued with Tyra repeatedly trying to get the attention on herself and off the dancers performing on the shows.

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Recently, Tyra has also faced criticism for how much she talks, which then forces her to cut off the judge’s when they are giving their thoughts on the dances.

It reached a crescendo last week when she cut off Jimmie Allen after his elimination.

Tyra Banks cuts off Jimmie Allen at end of Dancing with the Stars

Jimmie Allen was in the final three on Monday night on Dancing with the Stars Janet Jackson Night.

Olivia Jade received the least amount of fan votes of the bottom three, so she went home immediately. That left Jimmie Allen going up against Melora Hardin.

Between those two dancers, Melora had consistently scored higher than Jimmie throughout the season and the judges saved her.

Tyra asked Jimmie Allen about a scarf he was carrying.

“So people have been wondering what this scarf is,” Jimmie said. “This scarf was my grandmom’s scarf. She always wore it. So every show, I wear it.”

He was continuing on when Tyra cut him off and said “she’s here with us,” before continuing on and promoting the Good Morning America appearance the next morning.

Tyra has been cutting off judge’s comments more and more lately while throwing in her opinions more and more, so it is likely fans believe Tyra is taking up too much time talking herself, to the point that it’s taking time away from the dancers.

The fact Jimmie Allen was talking about his grandmother, who recently died, made it even worse.

Fans rip into ‘disrespectful’ Tyra Banks on social media

Fans on Twitter immediately pointed out how disrespectful Tyra Banks seemed when she cut off Jimmie Allen and moved on from his comments.

“Tyra why are you interrupting Jimmie,” asked Katlynn Hauber on Twitter.

She then went on to point out that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews would have let Jimmie tell his story.

Another Twitter user mentioned she felt bad that Val was voted off, but then said, “that was so awkward when Tyra cut off jimmie who was talking about his grandma.”

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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