Counting On: Jill and Derick’s anniversary getaway is the cutest

Derick and Jill teaching Israel to swim on tonight's episode of Counting On
Derick and Jill teaching Israel to swim on tonight’s episode of Counting On

It’s a cuteness overload on Counting On tonight, as Jill and Derick Dillard enjoy a getaway with son Israel to celebrate their second anniversary.

The pair are super in love and taking time out to celebrate where they are as a family obviously means a lot to the pair amid the difficulties of life in Central America.

Derick says: “To come on a trip like this, we’re just trying to spend time with each other. I mean I want to make Jill realise how thankful I am for her and how much I love her.”

Jill adds: “This anniversary getaway is a special time for us, just to focus on one another and really enjoy being married, and being able to talk without the stress of everyday life.”

And while the pair being loved-up is cute in itself, the cuteness reaches a whole other level when they take Israel for a swimming lesson in the hotel pool.

Wearing a little life-jacket Derick guides him around the pool, dunking his feet in at first then taking him for a proper swim.

And while it just seems like they’re playing, because Israel is learning all the time it actually lays the groundwork for him learning to swim in the future.

Derick says: “As with anything with a 14-month-old, you play with them as a way to have some lessons — so that they’re getting a swim lesson without even realising it.”

And he revealed why taking Israel to the pool is extra-special for him. He says: “I love swimming, it’s something I grew up doing. My dad was a swimmer, I was a swimmer and lifeguard. That’s something that is big in my background and I want to share with my son.”

Also on tonight’s Counting On episode, titled Duggars in the Wild, the Duggar siblings get more training on how to live the wild life after a scary meeting with a night-time critter, and Jessa and Ben are blown away by how quickly Spurgeon is getting bigger.

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