Cosmic Love exclusive: Chris R freaks out about Maria in premiere of reality TV’s newest matchmaking series

Cosmic Love
Cosmic Love aims to spark romance among couples paired together based on astrology. Pic credit: Prime Video

Cosmic Love is the latest dating reality show to enter the stratosphere, this time with the goal of coupling singles based on their astrology.

This is a one-of-a-kind social experiment, and it’s one of the most creative forms of matchmaking we’ve seen on TV.

On Cosmic Love, singles are picked to represent one of the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), and they will set off on this adventure at a retreat run by the mysterious Astro Chamber, voiced by Cree Summer.

Astrologers and authors Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, will guide the singles through the season by way of the Astro Chamber.

Ultimately, the singles will get to know each other, date, eliminate each other, and may even get married — all based on their astrological signs.

With four cast members set to star as representatives for each element, 16 more singles will enter the retreat to try and find their soul mate.

It shouldn’t be surprising that drama will ensure as these gorgeous singles all compete to prove they are the “perfect match” and shouldn’t be sent home.

Chris R can’t handle the competition and Maria isn’t having it

In this Cosmic Love sneak peek, shared exclusively with Monsters and Critics, we get a glimpse into the explosive drama in store as this brand new reality series kicks off.

It all goes down when Maria, who represents the Earth element, is on the receiving end of Chris R’s rath because she is showing interest in another guy.

Things come to a head when Maria confronts Chris, asking him why he’s freaking out. Chris responds, letting her know that he is angry at her for giving attention to another guy, which is pretty much how this game is played.

Maria, the strong, independent woman that she is, isn’t impressed with Chris’s temper tantrum so when he threatens to leave, she tells him to go.

Then, Maria makes it clear that she’s not about to have any of them telling her what to do. Check out the Cosmic Love clip below.

This series will be steamy, sexy and full of drama but will they find love? We’ll have to tune in to find out. In the meantime, check out the action-packed Cosmic Love sneak peek below and get ready for this roller coaster!

Cosmic Love premieres on Friday, August 12 on Prime Video.

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