Cortney Hendrix from MAFS Season 1 claps back after a critic’s comment on her newborn baby

Cortney Kendrick defends her decision to protect her baby’s privacy. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 1 star Cortney Hendrix reached a major milestone in her life by giving birth to her first child. 

Cortney gave birth to a precious baby boy in October 2021 and she has been very transparent about her pregnancy and birth story. 

While Cortney has documented her journey of becoming a mother with fans, she has understandably chosen to keep some aspects of her infant’s identity private, and that choice was recently met with criticism. 

Cortney Hendrix puts a snarky critic on blast 

Cortney took to her IG story to make her fans and followers aware that she won’t tolerate shade in her comment section and she revealed an example of the critical comments she receives. 

Cortney posted a comment from a critic who seemed to be frustrated that Cortney always keeps her baby’s face covered in photos, whether it be by placing blue heart emojis over the baby’s photo or only sharing photos that feature the back of the baby’s head. 

The critic’s comment read, “not interested in reading about a baby I’m not allowed to see the ‘face’ of…just saying and that’s my opinion.”

Cortney clapped back saying, “not interested in you following me.”

Along with the pair of comments, Cortney acknowledged that she hit the commenter back with some snark of her own and encouraged anyone else who takes issue with her baby’s shielded identity to unfollow her. 

Cortney wrote, “I know some don’t get this but the majority of y’all do! And for that, I am very appreciative – But this is the energy I will continue to bring on this subject. Just unfollow me if this is how you feel. No biggie.” 

It seems Cortney is taking the critique in stride and blocking out haters as she embraces her sweet son and newfound motherhood. 

Cortney IG story
Pic credit: @cortrae/Instagram

Cortney and Jason both become parents in the same year 

Married at First Sight has had 13 seasons, and Cortney and Jason are one of the three original couples who first took the bold risk of marrying a stranger on the show.

Cortney and Jason were a beloved couple from MAFS Season 1 and their marriage even lasted several years before the two eventually split and went their separate ways. 

Both Cortney and Jason found new partners and both were expecting their first children this year. 

Jason is far more private and inactive on social media but it is known that he and his partner Roxanne Pallett are welcoming a son into their family that they’ve named Maverick.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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