Corey Rathgeber sparked an intense debate by asking his 90 Day Fiance fans what they think of his friendship with Raul

Corey, Evelin, and Raul
Corey’s 90 Day Fiance followers sparked debate amongst each other over Corey’s question about what they think of his friendship with Raul. Pic credit: TLC

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Corey met up with his old friend Raul to tell him that Evelin didn’t want him at their wedding.

Corey has known Raul for the seven years he’s been with Evelin. But Raul has known Evelin for ten years and the two shared a sexual relationship at one point. Raul even admitted during the Season 2 Tell All for The Other Way that he would be waiting in the wings if Corey and Evelin didn’t work out.

Despite that, Corey has forgiven Raul and remained friends, and even stayed at his house for a while after Evelin kicked him out when they took a break. Raul got Corey in more trouble, however, when he invited two women out to dinner with them and Evelin reacted badly.

With that in mind and given the history between the three of them, Corey asked his Instagram followers what they think about his friendship with Raul.

Corey Rathgeber asked 90 Day Fiance fans what they think of his and Raul’s relationship and got mixed reviews

Corey asked his followers on Instagram, “What are your thoughts on my situation with Raul after watching tonight’s episode?” He then referred to the photo he posted with Raul and said, “This was taken just after the shoot.”

Corey Rathgeber's IG post
Corey asked his followers what they think of his relationship with Raul. Pic credit: @coreyrathgeber_90/Instagram

What ensued in the comments was a stark difference of opinions among The Other Way viewers who either thought Corey shouldn’t trust Raul or those who thought that Raul’s support of Corey is needed and appreciated.

One person made the point, “Raul is in love with Evelyn and he always tries to sabotage everything. Don’t trust him.”

While someone else commented, “Raul is a Real & Rare friend.”

Another critic said, “How could that be your friend when he wants to get in your girl’s pants?”

There was also a supporter who offered, “I hope Raul shows up at the Wedding in support of Corey and Corey has the courage to walk away at the altar!”

IG comments about Raul and Corey
Pic credit: @coreyrathgeber_90/Instagram

Corey Rathgeber will have no one from his side in attendance at his wedding to Evelin Villegas

Corey explained during the latest episode that no one out of his family and friends would be attending the wedding. When he talked to his brother about his decision not to come, Corey’s brother blamed it on Evelin’s bad relationship with Corey’s family and that she is too selfish and demanding of Corey.

Raul did say he would show up at the wedding anyway to support Corey, so he may have one person still in his corner, even if it is someone that slept with Evelin.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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