Colton Underwood shares fans’ reactions to how he approaches being gay and Christian

Colton Underwood sits in a pew
Colton Underwood gets open about his sexuality and spirituality. Pic credit: Netflix

Colton Underwood’s new Netflix docuseries Coming Out Colton was controversial from the moment it was announced and led many to have mixed feelings for several reasons. 

However, now that the series has been released, there are parts of Colton’s story that are resonating and moving viewers as he documents touchy subjects in society such as being a Christian that is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Sadly, there is often a strain and divide between these communities with many who fall into both categories wrestling with their identity and feeling unaccepted. 

Colton captured some of his own experiences and process of being a gay man of faith and it led to several fans reaching out to thank him for his courage to be so public about the nuanced subject. 

Viewers praise Colton Underwood for his faith and relatability 

Colton took to social media to share a post highlighting some of the responses he’s received from fellow people in a similar situation after watching his show. 

Colton captioned the post, “My faith is no longer conditional. Episode 4 is a heavy one, but much needed. Love you all” and included a photo of himself in a church surrounded by men along with photos of messages from fans. 

One fan wrote, “Hey! Huge fan of the show. It was so beautiful to watch someone show light on things that so many of us that are gay and grow up in church and love God. It was so relatable to me. I hope there are more seasons to come cause I’m looking forward to seeing you live in your truth! Have a blessed day.”

Another LGBTQ+ fan shared about their own relationship with God, saying, “Colton! I’m so mind blown by your show and I truly appreciate you and your resilience. I came out to a very accepting family and I’m forever grateful for that. YOUR FAITH is what amazes me most! I told my dad when I came out that people saying “you’ll go to hell”, etc are what bother me the most. My relationship with God is perfect and he’s got me! You’re gonna be just fine! My favorite.” 

Colton Underwood inspires others to embrace who they are 

Colton speaking about his own journey on Coming Out Colton has led others to feel freer to embrace their own walk and be more accepting of others. 

One fan thanked Colton, saying, “Good evening, I hope all is well for you. I wanted to thank you for making your documentary. Coming from a very Christian background and loving God very much, the show helped me realize it is okay to love who you love. God loves each and everyone of us and he made us the way we are. We are perfect in our own ways. I’m so proud of you for your courage and being your true self.”

Colton’s reach seems to have become international as he inspired someone in South Africa who wrote, “Hello Colton. I am Timothy in South Africa and your coming out and being a Christian helped me quite a lot to accept, appreciate and make decision for myself cause as a gay person and Christian. I feared how the Christian community will treat me and with lots of questions that needs answered. [Your] show answered all these questions. Thank you for being brave. I love you.”

In a world with lots of negativity and division, it seems Colton’s story has managed to have a positive impact and help people feel less alone. 

Coming Out Colton is streaming now on Netflix. 

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