Clayton Echard says ‘justice is served’ after winning paternity trial

The Bachelor star Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard scored a victory in court. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard scored a major victory in court after a lengthy paternity battle that turned his life upside down.

The accusations by Laura Owens that she was pregnant with twins after a one-night stand with The Bachelor alum were found to be fabricated and the case was thrown out.

The trial started on June 10 — a year after a then-unnamed Laura made the accusations against Clayton.

A few days later, the trial ended, and Clayton took to social media to thank his supporters and proclaim that justice had been served.

Laura didn’t just lose her case against Clayton; she might also face charges for what the court claimed was a pattern of behavior — after her case was referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard wins big in court

After a year of proclaiming his innocence amid accusations made by Laura Owens, Clayton Echard is finally able to celebrate.

In August of 2023, Laura claimed her one-night stand with Clayton led to her pregnancy, and he was refusing to take a paternity test.

Clayton denied he wasn’t cooperating with her demand for a paternity test, insisting that Laura was making up false claims and had done the same to at least three other men.

I’ve been dealing with a false accusation from a woman who claims she was impregnated by me, with twins,” said Clayton on The Charlie Clark Show in early June.

“She never was pregnant,” he added. “The doctors that she said she has seen  – all seven of them – came back and said they have no record of her.”

Nonetheless, a trial was set for June 10, and after facing off with Laura in court, Clayton was proven innocent.

After winning his paternity battle, the Bachelor alum posted a video on Instagram, exclaiming, “Justice is served!!”

“This morning, the court filed a ruling in our favor to award us legal fees, on the basis that Laura Michelle Owens fabricated an entire pregnancy claim,” said Clayton.

The 31-year-old also asked his followers to refrain from harmful commentary toward Laura.

“My hope is that she is able to turn over a new leaf and begin to make positive changes in her life. It is never too late to do so,” he added.

Clayton Echard’s accuser, Laura Owens, could face criminal prosecution.

Judge Julia Mata presided over Clayton and Laura’s paternity case, which was closed on June 18.

Screenshot of Clayton Echard's court case
Clayton Echard case information. Pic credit: The Superior Court Judicial Branch of Arizona

Snippets of the official judgment, per Us Weekly, read, “Laura Owens knowingly presented a false claim, violated a court order compelling disclosure or discovery such that an award of attorney fees and costs is appropriate.”

In addition, “The Court having determined that Laura Owens has a pattern of similar, if not identical behavior, and court involvement, referring this matter to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review of Laura Owen’s actions.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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