Clayton Echard says his dad was displeased with what happened on his season of The Bachelor

Clayton Echard
Clayton’s father was left displeased and perplexed by Clayton’s behavior as the Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s experience as the Bachelor has been quite the roller coaster and it seems it only gets more and more wild as time goes on.

As previews have shown, Clayton appears to admit to two women that he slept with them during fantasy suites which allegedly causes the women to become emotionally distraught. 

With such a dramatic confession, Bachelor Nation has been eager to see how that situation plays out at the end of Clayton’s journey. 

It also seems The Bachelor viewers aren’t the only ones reacting to Clayton’s fantasy suite actions, as Clayton was asked how his parents felt about his behavior, and he shared their honest and seemingly less-than-thrilled reaction. 

Clayton Echard says his father had a lot to say about his choices as the Bachelor 

While speaking with Glamour, Clayton Echard opened up about his parent’s reaction upon learning Clayton fell in love with multiple women and was intimate with two women during fantasy suites. 

Clayton revealed his parent’s response, saying, “‘How?’ I think that was the first question, [followed by], What? Why?”

Clayton went on to further detail his father’s displeased reaction, saying, “My dad was shaking his head. My dad had also a lot of other words as well. He’s a straight shooter.” 

Clayton didn’t reveal the exact sharp words his father used with him, but he did point out that he thinks The Bachelor process is hard for people to understand on the outside looking in. 

Clayton expressed, “I think if you’re on the outside, I was like everybody else, I said, ‘There’s no way you can fall in love with multiple people. I won’t do it.”

Clayton Echard says he fell in love despite his doubts 

Clayton Echard has been vocal about his skepticism going into The Bachelor. Leading up to his debut as The Bachelor, Clayton wasn’t sure if he could find love with several women, but he was able to see firsthand that this unique process could work. 

Clayton shared, “I literally walked into this being a Bachelor, saying I won’t fall in love with multiple people. It’s not going to happen. Zero percent chance.”

Clayton continued, “Until you go through it. It will never make sense, but it can happen and it did happen… I really do feel those feelings were very authentic.” 

Clayton acknowledged that part of what makes The Bachelor process effective is that it allows for behavior that would usually not be tolerated in the outside world, such as dating and kissing multiple women at a time. 

Clayton expressed, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to explain to anybody and really make them understand that you can fall in love with multiple people at one time because outside of this environment I don’t think people ever do that. You would never do that. There is no environment where you can kiss a woman and 29 other women will watch that and be like, ‘I’ll stick around and give him a chance.’ They’d be gone.” 

Despite Clayton’s doubts, he adapted to the process of the show and, while The Bachelor viewers will have to wait and see which one lucky lady gets his final rose, it seems clear Clayton fell hard for several women. 

Clayton stated, “Things are a little bit different in this environment, and because of that, I think I adapted; while I fought it at first and was like, I’m not going to fall in love with multiple women, then I started getting into that feeling, those feelings of love.” 

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24 at 8/7c on ABC.