Clay Harbor and Chris Randone shoot their shot with Natasha Parker

Clay Harbor stares at the camera by the ocean
Clay Harbor may want to be one of Natasha’s “prospects.” Pic credit: ABC

Now that Natasha Parker has dodged a major bullet by no longer being involved with accused con-artist, Brendan Morais, she has several men expressing their desire to date her. 

Among these men are former BIP stars, Clay Harbor and Chris Randone, who publicly vocalized their interest in Natasha after the latest episode.

Clay Harbor gives Natasha Parker praise 

Clay and Chris are no strangers to dating women from the franchise and making it far on Bachelor in Paradise. 

So after Brendan’s comments about Natasha not having any viable options or prospects, Chris and Clay especially wanted to make it clear that Natasha is a catch both in paradise or anywhere else. 

Many friends and fans of Natasha have been commending her for her character and plethora of positive qualities, and Clay clearly agrees. Clay took to Twitter to gush about Natasha while also calling out Brendan’s outlandishly rude statements towards her. 

Habor’s tweet read, “Natasha is intelligent beautiful and funny. Trust me Brendan she has prospects.” 

Clay Harbor tweet
Pic credit: @clayharbs82/Twitter

Clay then got even more specific about his openness to becoming one of those prospects when he tweeted out, “I would take Natasha out yesterday.” 

Members of Bachelor Nation were quick to ship the idea of Natasha and Clay exploring a romantic relationship and encouraged Clay to ask Natasha out. 

Underneath this tweet from Clay, Chris Randone chimed in with his comment, “Already slid in,” presumably meaning that he’s already slid in Natasha’s DMs and possibly shot his shot with her. 

Clay Harbor Tweet
Pic credit: @clayharbs82/Twitter

Clay and Chris appear to currently be single

Clay Harbor made an instant connection with Nicole Lopez-Alvar on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 and the pair made it all the way to week 6 before Clay decided they weren’t right for one another and called the relationship off. 

Chris Randone met Krystal Nielson on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 and, after getting engaged at the end of the season, they proceeded to get married on BIP Season 6 in 2019. However, in August 2020, the couple announced they had filed for divorce. 

With Clay and Chris no longer in their former BIP relationships, both men appear to be potentially single and ready to mingle with Natasha specifically. 

Plenty of doors seem to be opening for Natasha, who saw her amount of followers rise exponentially while BIP’s newest villains, Brendan and Pieper, have understandably seen their own followings plummet by the thousands

It seems Natasha will continue to rise above this trifling situation and hopefully, she will soon find love with one of her many prospects. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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