Clara Berghaus goes ginger, shows off transformative new hair

Clara Berghaus
Married at First Sight star Clara Berghaus tests if “gingers have more fun.” Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus debuted on Married at First Sight Season 12 with blonde hair. 

The dramatic season took place in Atlanta and resulted in just one of the five couples remaining married – Briana Myles and Vincent Morales, who are now expecting a baby. 

Clara was introduced to MAFS viewers with light blonde hair, but she recently changed her look. 

Swapping her blonde hair for ginger tresses, Clara is nearly unrecognizable in the transformative new style. 

Clara snapped photos showing off her redhead look for friends and followers. 

The Married at First Sight Season 12 star also questioned whether or not any of the men from her job would notice how different she looked. 

MAFS’ Clara Berghaus rocks red hair 

Clara Begrhaus took to her Instagram Stories to show off her new hair color. 

Posing in a white, lacy, corseted crop top, Clara gave a blush pout while flaunting her ginger shoulder-length hair. 

Clara Berghaus' Instagram story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara also shared a video with her red hair as she explained, “For everyone asking if this is a filter, it’s not.” She said her ginger cat told her, “gingers have more fun, so I decided to join her.” 

Clara Berghaus' Instagram story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara shared several more posts about her red hair, including an image reading “Little Miss Fake Redhead.”

Clara Berghaus' Instagram story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus polls her followers regarding red hair transformation 

Hair isn’t the only shakeup that Clara’s had in her life recently.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Clara switched career paths, leaving being a flight attendant to pursue sales. 

Clara shared a celebratory caption to announce her career shift, sharing she found a job that better aligns with her new priorities.

Heading to work at her new job, Clara snapped a picture of her red hair and outfit, including a white top, black skirt, brown jacket, and boots. 

Clara asked her 106k Instagram followers, “Do we think literally even one man in my office will notice that I look like a completely different person, “ with a moon and laughing emoji.

Clara Berghaus' Instagram story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Fans weighed in, with most thinking the men wouldn’t notice Clara’s drastic hair change. 55% said the men wouldn’t notice, and 45% guessed they would.

Clara updated her followers, sharing another selfie with her red hair. Clara wrote over the photo, “so far we’re 0 for 3,” in terms of men noticing her hair switch-up.

Clara Berghaus' Instagram story
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara’s hair color is a significant change and flatters her as the MAFS star enjoys a red hot summer and blazes a new career path.  

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.  

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